Dog Master by Walky Doggy – A Perfect Dog Parenting App

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Walky Doggy is a Korean startup behing the Dog Master app that can educate dog owners about all the necessary dog parenting and training information.

Learning about dogs will not only fascinate you but also helps you become a better dog owner. This article is about an educational app for puppy guardians. An intuitive platform that helps every dog owner have a stronger connection with their dogs. 

Overview of Walky Doggy

Walkie Pottery Co. Ltd is a South Korean-based startup that focuses on making fitness applications. The company follows all the duties and responsibilities to implement the right usage of Dog Master by the users. The representative of Dog Master is Yongjae Kim, who created this dog training app.

A must-have app for people who own dogs as pets. It has many offerings to educate owners and make them learn how to behave when petting dogs. On top of that, there is training content that improves individual skills. Although many people own dogs, only some have the proper skills to take care of their dogs. As a result, Walky Doggy created the Dog Master app.

What is Dog Master?

Dog Master has compelling educational content for dog owners. From improving individual skills to solving problem behavior, Dog Master is fun and easy to use. The developers created Dog Master so that dog owners can have fun and learn about how to pet dogs. The educational content in this app is intuitive and will create a strong bond between you and your dog. 

There is also a separate section inside the app just for feedback. Dog owners who use this app can talk about any inconvenience or provide an opinion. After that, the team will listen to and take the dog owners’ criticism and ensure that the platform improves. 

Dog Master has easy puppy training content that owners can watch at their pace. The training content includes videos that are easy to understand. Moreover, the content is divided into several different videos with proper descriptions. 

Features of Dog Master

Guide for beginner dog guardians

Dog Master has a guide for beginners called the Nursing Guide. This guide will follow through your journey all year. The nursing Guide focuses on what the guardians should do and how to do it. Moreover, it also explains the behavioral growth of dogs. It is perfectly curated with tons of training you will receive every month.

Challenge Pack

It would be amazing if your dog could follow each and every order sincerely. However, that is not always the case. As a result, Dog Master brings a challenge pack to help you improve your skills in having command over your dog. On top of that, the pack has daily mission guides which will further improve your skills and your dog’s behavior.

New Quiz 

Dog Master has daily quizzes that help you educate and become familiar with the nature of dogs. You will receive new quizzes every day and learn a lot from them. 

Final thoughts

When you own a dog, it is important to become educated and learn certain skills. If you want to have a healthy and strong bond with your dog, then Dog Master has the complete package for you. 

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