HUGgy: For When You Need a Hug and You Are All Alone

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HUGgy by DolbomDream is an inflatable hugging vest from Korea that will improve your everyday life whenever you feel alone and want a hug.

The human brain comes hard-wired to seek affection and love. You need to have someone to hold and cuddle at the end of a long day. The pressure of everyday life falls differently on people, and their coping mechanism also varies. While some manage to shake things off easily, others need companions to help them stabilize. For people born with developmental disabilities, a reassuring hug can work wonders on their growth. Scientifically, a hug from someone who cares releases anti-stress hormones and calms down the body’s nervous system. This helps people rejuvenate and strive towards success. DolbomDream created a revolutionary product that brings you the affection of HUGgy when you need it the most. 


Launched in 2019, DolbomDream, its founders, won the KAIST startup contest award, and HUGgy was born. They work to incorporate artificial intelligence into everyday objects that provide mental health to disabled people. This company collaborated with the Gangnam disabled support center for taking their products and helping the people there. DolbomDream was certified as a venture company in July 2021, which helped it gain more investment towards producing its product. With a patented product, DolbomDream promises to deliver the most loved devices across the globe. With various collaborations under its belt, this company provides love and affection to every person. 

DolbomDream HUGgy So You Never Feel Unloved

HUGgy is a vest that you can wear like a jacket, and it helps you feel loved. The make of this product is in the form of a sleeveless jacket which comes with a front zipper. It also has a top button that secures it around the chest, giving a snug feeling. At the sides, you have Velcro bands that allow you to wrap them tighter. Another important aspect of this product is that it comes with pockets; everything with pockets always feels comfortable. There is an inflatable pump along the waistline, which fills the jacket with air. It connects to the jacket via a small nozzle which does not make it uncomfortable to the wearer. 

DolbomDream incorporates its love for society in the technology behind this product. HUGgy comes with physiological indicators that can monitor the wearer’s skin condition and heart rate. The monitoring system of HUGgy calculates the wearer’s emotional stability and stress levels, and in case of unbalanced levels, it notifies the caregiver. To ease out the wearer till the caregiver does not arrive, the stimulus in the vest inflates it, giving a hug-like feeling to the wearer. This cushioned feel relieves the wearer and brings down their stress levels. Hugging releases oxytocin and immediately reduces cortisol which is the stress hormone. This leads to lower blood pressure and relieves stress. The unique technology put this product on the honoree list for the CES 2022 innovation awards. 

DolbomDream ensures they look after all people and produce their HUGgy vests in three different sizes. The vest’s material is hypo-allergic, and you can wash it at home. They make it safe for children and adults alike. To keep up with fashion trends, the company also makes this vest in the form of a cropped vest.  

You can buy HUGgy from the company’s website.

In the End!

With cutting-edge technology an ideology to help people, DolbomDream brings forward a revolutionary product. With the incorporation of HUGgy, disabled people worldwide will find help fast and stay relaxed in times of need. 

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