TravelAi and its One-of-a-Kind Integrated Platform AL:OOO

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TravelAI has launched AL:OOO, a one-of-a-kind on-demand, all-in-one service optimized for travelers and local content creators.

Learn about this new Korean startup that provides an intuitive platform for traveling with all information. Their one-of-a-kind integration AL:OOO is the new travel companion of the youth. 

Overview of TravelAi

TravelAi is a Korean startup company based in Seoul. It is an online travel agency and travel information service founded in 2017. Their goal is to provide technology tools to improve the travel experience. Moreover, they want to increase the competitiveness of individuals and various partners through their One of a kind integrated platform AL:OOO.

What is AL:OOO?

TravelAi is a platform that ensures an excellent traveling experience by providing a wide range of benefits. It is basically a travel curator that gives a detailed roadmap of everything for your travel. However, TravelAi is targeting certain groups of people that will fit the services they provide. Al:OOO is an amazing travel guide for people in their 20s and 30s who may prefer an exquisite travel experience. 

You can use Al:OOO to get curated information for your travel plans. In other words, you can utilize this app to find cheap flights, hotels, travel products, activities, and shopping places within the app. It is a personalized travel app that recommends the best deals for your journey. 

AL:OOO also focuses on content creators and tapping their market to increase the overall app experience. The company wants content creators to leverage their talent by collaborating with AL:OOO. As a result, the platform will provide a unique experience in those locations where the creator shows their talents. For instance, content creators can travel to a certain location and showcase their talent by using AL:OOO. Creators can use travel leisure products online and offline through TravelAi. The platform then promotes the creator as well as their own services. As a result, the ultimate goal would be to introduce new customers to travel infrastructure and products from AL:OOO.

AL:OOO has high-level AI, Big Data, and game technology integration. The Korean startup is building its platform with Maas which is regionally customizable. The Maas platform is built through strategic alliances, including several other companies. On top of that, TravelAi has also partnered with 15 local travel agencies that allow them to use over 2400 travel products in their offer. The company also has a business agreement with joint development. In addition, there is also an establishment for a Jeju Tourism-type MaaS platform with KST Mobility Co., Ltd.


TravelAi plans to enter Thailand and Malaysia by 2023

TravelAi is set to expand its services in Thailand and Malaysia in the first half of 2023. It is their overseas expansion plan that will capitalize on the Southeast Asia Travel market. Their first step in the expansion of their market will involve an establishment of a subsidiary in Singapore. At the same time, the company will also participate in the 2021 Global Challenge Program. 

The integration of AL:OOO is expected to reach Southeast Asia by 2023, which will include the knowledge gained from its subsidiary in Singapore. The planning of its Thailand and Malaysia expansion took place in the second half of 2022. During this time, the startup visited both countries to plan establishments. 

Final thoughts

The Korean startup TravelAi will soon go all in with its expansion in Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand and Malaysia. Before that, the company will develop modules, set approaches, and recruit influencers from respected countries. You can expect AL:OOO and its services anywhere between March and May of 2023. Eventually, the company will expand to European and North American markets.

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