bitsensing AIR 4D Solving Universal Problem with Imaging Radar

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bitsensing inc. AIR 4D is an imaging radar solution that helps in avoiding collision for autonomous driving and is a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree!

The universe of technology houses endless possibilities of improving human life. Radar imaging is a type of technology that found its use in the successful observation of Earth in 1954. Then came its utilization in the military, and now its benefits stand to change the way people drive on the streets. A study from the U.S. Department of Transport and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that 94% of road accidents happen because of human negligence. Dedicated companies like bitsensing Inc. vow to make this world a better and safer place with radar Imaging and many categories of modern forms of technology. The 79GHz AIR 4D by bitsensing Inc. aims at propelling the advancements of the autonomous automobile industry. 

All You Need To Know About bitsensing Inc.

The origin of this company rests on the shoulders of automotive experts who realized the importance of radar imaging and founded bitsensing Inc. in 2018. Even though this company is in the startup phase, its products already deliver cutting-edge technologies which take the industry by storm. The automotive industry already relies on the convenience and safety standards of every product put forward by bitsensing Inc. With their tech in sync with the vision of creating smart-cities, the possibility of smart-future looks within reach.  

They work on targeted segments such as Smart City, where autonomous driving results in zero accidents due to human error. These cities would also have smart-traffic plans and In-cabin sensing technology that can detect a forgotten child in the car. Their Connected Living project brings forward a smarter and safer haven. Here, their Smart Home, surveillance, wellness, and rescue support branches provide optimum living conditions for everyone. The technology constantly reads bodily signs of any ailment and detects an emergency. It also scans the house for any harmful objects if you have a baby. bitsensing Inc. makes devices that you program according to your environment and creates a safe place for your loved ones. 

This organization also manufactures customizable radars that break stereotypes in the industry. They have five products under this range and offer end-to-end services for them. These products support many functions such as air-traffic control, Motion, and environmental sensors along with radar imaging sensors. 

bitsensing Inc. 79GHz AIR 4D

The focal point of development lies in the autonomous automobile industry. To provide safe, convenient, and reliable vehicles, the manufacturers need to focus on replicating the five human senses and incorporate logic into the system. Recognition of obstacles is it is the primary task when driving, and in autonomously driven cars, radar imagining does this job. The 79 GHz AIR 4D device from bitsensing Inc. is a pioneer in the technology known as Multi-Chip Cascading. 

Through this ground-breaking tech, the radar detects objects lying over 3000+ meters. The system gives back a 4D image that comes in high resolution. Not only does it detect the presence of an object, but it also tells you its elevation, height, velocity, and azimuth. This particular device comes with a combination of Artificial Intelligence and a camera, and you get highly accurate and reliable images that classify the object ahead in high resolution. 

One of the primary uses of this advanced product is to detect objects under adverse weather. The current sensing system fails to perform during a heavy shower or fog. However, the Air 4D owns these situations and undertakes obstacle detection with precision even in the worst of weather. bitsensing Inc. makes this product cost-effective as this is also a challenge faced by the consumers currently. The product stands at the pinnacle of its market segment in collision avoidance sensors.

For innovative AIR 4D, bitsensing Inc. is now a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation category. 

In the End!

bitsensing Inc. commits to making the world a safer and better world through continuous research and dedicated teams. The future of transport lies in the autonomous driving segment, and bitsensing works to ensure users feel safe in this setting with its imaging radar. With the current success status of their innovations, you can only expect the best from bitsensing Inc. in the future.

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