Top 5 Dating Apps In South Korea

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The dating apps industry is booming significantly due to the pandemic, as all the usual haunts are closed across South Korea. So, check out the best dating apps from Korea to find your perfect match!

Meeting new people is more challenging than it sounds. It becomes difficult to meet someone and know their interest in spending quality time with you. Dating applications come to the rescue of people who want someone but are too scared to make the first move. South Korea has many apps which connect like-minded individuals and help them build a special bond. This article looks into some of these apps and their features.

Korean Cupid

This one finds the top position in the list of dating apps and websites in Korea. However, it is only for men who want to meet women. Only women have the permission to make their profiles here and get a lot of international suitors. Men across the globe try and find partners in Korea through this App. It works with both operating systems on the mobile. While its basic version is free, you may need the platinum or at least the gold membership to meet the best ladies in town. Most men end up flying in and marrying their online partners.


If you are looking for a serious relationship or a casual fling, then this is the page for you. Unlike many other pages, this mobile application is ideal for finding the right partner for your Bachelor party. They take all your details when creating a profile, a name, age, blood group, location, and occupation. You need to know the Korean language to use this app as all its instructions come in it. They even conduct a tournament where the suitor gets the chance to pick their best match from 16 perfect options. While many of its functions come at no cost, you need to pay to chat with your partner. 

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Ok Cupid Korea

This dating app is for people who need a serious relationship and not just a fling. You need to take time and fill up your details, and people take them very seriously. Most people on this app look forward to marrying the person they meet. 

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Korea is known for beautiful people with flawless skin. They make it with a code that categorizes your image and its features. Amanda is a dating app that asks you for a picture when you begin to create your profile. Once you complete your details, the system behind this app ranks your profile based on your looks. You also get match suggestions based on your ranking. You need to put your best makeup face forward if you want to find someone on this dating app in Korea. 

Sky People

Now comes a dating app that categorizes men based on their profession. A set of university students created this app, and only men who went to premium universities and earned from high-paying jobs can create their profile here. In Korean culture, the salary of your male counterpart must hold a high rank, and he must provide for the family. For women, there is no restriction, except that they must fall between 20 to 39 years of age. 

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In The End! 

The dating culture in Korea is still in its nascent stages, and you will not find many people signing up from outside of Seoul. As a foreigner, you must make an effort to learn the language and then approach people. Also, one must remember to never fall for K-dramas and their easy romantic relationships. Like any other country, dating in Korea is no cakewalk and takes patience, time and effort. If you’re in Korea and any of these dating apps sound interesting, give them a try, and you may find your soulmate here.  

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