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Experience Fresh and Preservative-Free Beauty with K-Beauty Startup Kuoca

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Kuoca is a K-beauty startup that aims to become a premium skincare brand that focuses on creating fresh and preservative-free beauty products.

Korean beauty believes in putting forward the most premium ingredients to create balance in your internal processes. The primary focus of many K-beauty brands is to provide clean products to their loyal customers. They intend to use organic sources or naturally grown ingredients that help your skin maintain its youthful texture. One particular organization is a pioneer in the art of providing fresh products which get made only upon request. The Korean company Kuoca brings you artistically curated skincare products that harness the power of a special ingredient.

What is the concept behind Korean Start-up K-beauty Brand Kuoca?

With White truffle as its core ingredient, this brand exudes luxury and fineness. Its founders, Benjamin Yu and Jisu Kim wanted to revolutionize the beauty market with products containing the least amount of preservatives. With premium ingredients came affluent pricing. Hence, they launched the company in 2014, targeting selected sections of society. Once the celebrities and other prominent personalities liked the products, the company went for a general public launch in 2019. The motivation of this brand and its products come from cuisines served in fine dining. Like chefs use only top-quality ingredients in dishes served at a fine dining restaurant and produce fresh food with no preservatives. This company follows the same pattern and offers made-to-order products. Though tedious, they manufacture an impressive range of products with miraculous ingredients

The Production Process At Kuoca

Some of the points Kuoca follows include starting with a primary ingredient, listening to the customer’s thoughts, always staying on principle, and blending the best things to put forward unique products. To maintain the freshness of their products, the company only manufactures them thirty days before the sale. Through this process, the activity of their potent enzymes remains intact. When the company conducted tests on their products over some time, they found that the potency of the active ingredients falls to 75% after one year of opening the bottle. Their products are more effective than many others as every drop contains natural enzymes and almost no preservatives.  

Kuoca: The Product Range

The catalog of this company is remarkable, as it contains products ranging across all categories of Korean beauty segments. The ingredients in these products are Chaga mushrooms, propolis, and squalene. Kuoca has a patented technology called Triple Truffle, a blend of these three mushrooms. It also has a concoction of White willow, Oriental tea complex, pearl, and many other ingredients that get fermented under organic environments. 

Mist Blend

They offer a mist blend that is refreshing as well as nourishing. The main fragrance in it is Royal Peony, and its core ingredient is the white truffle complex. The base note here is vanilla, Ho Wood, and Patchouli. The product comes with clear instructions for finishing the product within a year after opening the bottle. 

Toner Blend

Kuoca offers toners that purify the skin and nourish it. The white truffle complex, combined with the power of rose water, enhances skin texture and gives it a radiant look. The Purifying Toner also harnesses the power of yeast or rice fermentation and removes dirt and grime from your face. 

Repair Blend

This is a power-packed moisturizing cream that gives your skin a gentle and smooth texture along with fragrances of blackberry and white sandalwood. It works on smoothening out wrinkles and reducing the visibility of age lines on the face and neck. 

kuoca repair blend

Serum Blend

The serum from Kuoca is an add-on to the anti-aging range and eliminates any signs of aging from the skin. They infuse the white truffle complex with scents of vanilla, geranium, and Cardamom, amongst a few others. 

kuoca serum blend

Cream Blend

Kuoca brings together miraculous ingredients that work on wrinkles and sagging skin. The freshness of the cream allows for quick absorption and brings about a natural glow to the face. 

Lip Balm

The company even offers state of the art Lip balm that comes with a mixture of jojoba, castor sunflower, almond, cactus seed, and castor oil. The mildly scented lip-balm acts as a natural barrier and prevents your lips from drying out. 

kuoca lip balm

In the End!

Kuoca grabbed a position in Beiersdorf’s program for beauty acceleration. With many products under its belt, this brand aims to reach the summit in its category. Kuoca grabbed a position in Beiersdorf’s program for beauty acceleration. Its collaboration with Nivea X also propels funding and visibility, giving it the platform required to reach success. While they only have one plant, the company targets opening plants in major demand cities worldwide. This move would allow them to provide fresh products with longer shelf lives. Become a part of this revolution and buy your Kuoca products today.   

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