Fitpet – The Most Advanced Pet Healthcare Solution from Korea

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Pets are there to cheer you up when you feel low. They are your best companions through all walks of life. There is nothing more disheartening than seeing your pet ill or unhealthy. In Korea, the love for pets has shown an exponential rise, with over 15 million people owning them. The coming five years estimates this segment to grow by 8.9% annually. Not only does this mean more pets, but it also translates into more visits to the doctor. Among the various startups in Korea, pet-friendly ones are also increasing. The latest in the game is Fitpet. It is a tech startup that will keep your pet in the best health condition. 

What is Fitpet?

An owner of a loving pet, Jay U founded the company when his little companion fell sick. The company came into existence in 2017 and has helped many owners care for their pets. The team at Fitpet loves pets and is ready to go the extra mile for them. Fitpet is simple to install on any smartphone, and you can earn points, deals, and discounts. 

With a growth of more than $6 million in 2019, it is running in 1700% profit since 2017. It has won many awards in South Korea and even has a presence overseas. Its products are available globally in the USA, Indonesia, and Singapore. 

What Are Its Products? 

Fitpet’s founder, Jay U, was a CEO with Samsung in SDS Engineering. His knowledge and expertise have led the company to design a vast portfolio catering to pet health. They cater to all things related to pets, such as home test kits, insurance claims, clinic visits, searching for the vet, symptom analysis, routine health management. Here, we listed its major products.


Ahead is a flagship product, and it is an app-based urine test kit. All you need to do is upload a picture of the pet’s urine, and it gives an analysis on parameters like Nitrite content, Sp0eicfic gravity, and blood in the urine. All or any of these could be potential signs of kidney and liver diseases. It could also help rule out urolithiasis and diabetes in your furry friends. The Korean APQA has certified Ahead as genuine. It uses the basics of spectroscopy to determine its results. 

Ahead Balance

Ahead Balance is also a unique offering by Fitpet. It uses hair analysis for any health and skin problems. Another one is Ahead Gene which tests for genetic disorders by using saliva. 


Detect is an outstanding product from Fitpet. It helps to locate lost dogs. This one uses the print on the nose of dogs and identifies them. Even if you forget to microchip your pet, and they go missing, this app will detect them with just a picture. It is like fingerprints identification for humans. DB Insurance and Samsung Insurance are in a deal with Fitpet to implement this software. 

Fitpet Mall

The Fitpet Mall is their latest offering and offers over 2000 products. All health kits, like dental kits and checkup kits, are available. Their find a hospital platform is also popular and accurate. They are the best choice to fulfill all your pet desires.

The Way Forward for Fitpet

This startup has gained funding in its Seed B of close to 26MillionDollars. No other Korean startup has seen this large an amount to date. June 2021 also saw it get its Series B funding extended. It has the top names like PNP Investment, Samsung Investment, LB Investment, Premier partners, and LSK Investment, pushing money. They aim to expand their hospital platform, along with pumping money into fine-tuning their checkup kits and e-commerce segment. Their next goal is to establish an insurance company for pets by 2023. The CEO wants to rule out any inefficiencies in the pet care industry and provide easy access to every pet owner. 

In the end!

Pets are equivalent to babies and need the most care and compassion. They never leave your side when you get sick so the least to do is keep them in the best health. With Fitpet, you will never have to worry about being in the dark about the well-being of your pet. Whether it is routine checkups or finding the nearest vet in case of an emergency, everything is right there in your palm. Help your pets by getting this latest technology and see them smiling.

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