PET FOREST: The Best Way to Say Goodbye to Your Loving Pets in Korea

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Pet Forest, a Korean startup, has opened a private funeral home near Seoul where you can say a proper goodbye to your companion pets!

Keeping a pet explores your emotions to their maximum capacity. Whether it is the joy of buying and loving the pet or the sadness of watching them fall sick, you experience life with them and create memories. Saying goodbye to them is the hardest part of owning a little furry friend. Every owner undergoes emotional, mental, and physical turmoil when their pets die. While one wants to sit and grieve during that time, the most troublesome part is giving them an appropriate farewell. However, one company in Korea wants to help you during this difficult time. 


The rising pet market in South Korea enables entrepreneurs to create services that could support pet-owners when needed. PET FOREST is one such organization that works to smoothen your life and help with the proceedings once your pet passes away. They offer many services that enable owners to give their pets a funeral and cope with their loss. This organization holds a registered license for performing animal funerals. They assign one on one funeral directors, and these people help the owners till the very end of the process. The PET FOREST received the Korean Best Brands award for 2020 for its consumer-friendly operations. This company also has had multiple awards to its name since its inception.

What Services Does PET FOREST Offers?

PET FOREST gives its customer a plethora of offering to choose from. They work on a dedicated reservation system that allows the users to gain a seamless experience in the booking process of any service, and below are complete service details.

Funeral Services: This organization ensures your pet gets a royal farewell. They take care of all the funeral proceedings and even do individual makeup for the pets and their burial boxes. These services get divided into two segments, normal services and premium funeral services. You get a private room for remembrance of your pet with their belongings. They also provide you with the Celadon Ossuary, which you could keep with you or in their Forest.

Funeral Ossuary: Another remarkable service they provide is of the ossuary. It is a place where you can keep your pet’s ossuary along with those of many other pets. This place is available to visit from 9 am to 6 pm every day, and people can come here and remember their loved pets. 

Lucette: Lucette is the art of stone crafting, and PET FOREST uses it to create one-of-a-kind memories. You could give your pet’s ashes, and they will craft a neckpiece or a stone ornament with it. You preserve a part of your pet for life via these proves.

Forest Collection: This company not only makes Lucette but can also create Shrouds, photo frames, and housing for your furry -friends. They create all offerings with love and affection, which makes them special. Everything gets made with premium material, like silk. 

In the End!

Like humans, pets also deserve to stay happy and leave their parents after living a happy life. The only thing you can do as a pet parent is to give them a funeral. If you need such a service, head to PET FOREST and feel the calmness they bring to your life when you need it the most. 

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