Incheon Launches Innovative Solution: Smart Pet Waste Management System

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Incheon has introduced a Smart Pet Waste Management System in 11 parks to promote harmony between pet owners and non-pet owners. In addition, this system also encourages the accountability of pet owners, benefits the community, and enhances park experiences for everyone.

Implementation of the Smart Pet Waste Management System in Incheon

Smart Pet Waste Management System in Incheon
Smart Pet Waste Management System in Incheon | Incheon City

Smart Pet Waste Management System

Incheon, a city known for innovation, introduces a Smart Pet Waste Management System to enhance the responsibility of pet owners. This pioneering project aims to foster harmony among pet owners and non-pet owners, benefiting 11 parks, including the stunning Mujugol Park. The system boasts 13 innovative devices, offering waste bag dispensers and collection bins to ease pet owners’ experiences while walking their furry friends.

The key to this modernized system is the user-friendly PUPPOOP app, providing helpful services designed for pet owners. To use it, pet owners need to sign up, access the app, and visit the park’s pet waste management vending machine. The app offers waste bags and a collection box, making it easy to clean up after your pet. Currently, the PUPPOOP app has 315 users who have utilized it a total of 534 times.

The app facilitates twice-a-week waste bag distribution for free. If it’s more than twice, the pet owner should pay for the additional pet waste bag. Moreover, it has unlimited waste bin access. Additionally, it helps track walks and handles waste disposal effectively.

These helpful features motivate pet owners to take responsibility for their pets, prevent issues in public areas, and fosters unity among people in Incheon.

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How to Use Pet Waste Vending Machine

Operating the vending machine is simple. To begin, press the yellow button on the right side and scan your app’s QR code. A waste bag will come out from the left side. Place the waste in the bag once your pet has completed its business. Then, press the right button to deposit it in the collection box. Finally, scan the QR code to open the box, either from the waste bag itself or directly from the app.

Benefits and Impact of the System

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety supported this project, which not only created the app but also improved waste management systems throughout the entire city.

Last year, the trial of this system was a success at Wolmi Park and Sinteuri Park. After reviewing feedback from the trial phase, they found issues like problems with signing up for the app and carrying waste bags. Then, they made changes, such as providing free services during promotion. They also removed the temporary pet registration requirement during the sign-up process to make it easier for users.

This year, it expanded to more parks, reaching more pet owners. There are pet waste vending machines in 11 parks in Incheon. Like Mujugol Park, Incheon Bridge Park, Gyeyang Park, Songhyeon Park, Haeyum Park, Booyoung Park, Galsan Park, Sintree Park, Rose Park, Wolmi Park, and Namhang Park.

Incheon City listens to feedback from users to improve the system. They engage with the community through blogs, YouTube, and social media, led by Choi Do-su from Incheon City Urban Balance Bureau. The new system aims to make parks a better place for residents and their pets by reducing conflicts. This shows Incheon’s commitment to creating cities that are easy to use and meet people’s changing needs.

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In conclusion, Incheon’s Smart Pet Waste Management System represents modern city planning that puts the well-being of pet owners and pets first. By encouraging responsible pet ownership, the city is creating a more enjoyable experience for everyone who visits the park. This creative strategy sets an excellent example for fostering harmony and accountable behavior among pet owners in cities.

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