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5 Best Korean Powder Cleansers To Eliminate Impurities

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Have you ever tried the latest and trending K-beauty cleansers – the Korean powder cleansers – that are excellent for your travel needs?

Korean skincare focuses on science-based beauty techniques. They already have the world wrapped around their 10-step skincare routine. It leaves people amazed with the results, and its followers keep on increasing. K-beauty fans stay charmed with new offerings from this industry. A new trend in Korean skincare is the use of cleansers that come as powders. People also refer to them as enzyme cleansers because the power is a concentrated form of the standard foam-based cleanser.

Check out the best Korean powder cleansers that you can add to your skincare routine.

AMOREPACIFIC Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder

AMOREPACIFIC brings you the 2-in-1 cleanser and exfoliating enzyme-packed face-powered. This comes in a white bottle that dispenses the exact amount of powder required for one wash. You only need to add two sprays of water to convert it into foam. This product becomes ideal for removing dirt even from deep-seated pores with papaya and green tea extracts. The green tea makes it gentle on the skin, and the papaya acts as a natural scrub. Using it regularly removes dirt and dead skin cells and leaves your face feeling radiant. 

Stabilized Rice Bran (SRB) Enzyme Powder Wash

This product contains rice bran enzymes that harbor naturally derived anti-oxidants. SRB makes it with over fifty nutrients, anti-oxidants, and enzymes, all from rice bran. They also add pollen and grape seed extract into this product to provide nutrients to the skin. The combination of ingredients cools down your skin and lightens its tone. Rice powder and papaya extracts gently exfoliate the dead cells off the skin and leave it smooth and bright. This enzyme powder wash works for all skin types and is hypo-allergenic. 

Papa Recipe Blemish Enzyme Powder

Papa Recipe finds its origin in a father who wanted to provide his daughter with skincare products compatible with her sensitive skin. The Blemish introduces enzyme powder and rice powder as their key ingredients. It comes with a mildly acidic formula that balances the skin’s pH and does not irritate. They also add Platol white to this product. Platol white is a patent ingredient of Papa Recipe and effectively clears the skin. After using this powder cleanser, you get smooth, bright, fairer, and clean skin.

Korean Powder Cleansers

Oseque Silky Bright Powder Facial Wash

Oseque brings you their silky, bright powder wash that works for all skin types. Its key ingredients include red clay, papain, Pineapple Bromelain, seventeen amino acids, and four additional plant-based extracts. All these together give this miraculous powder its deep cleansing, skin protecting, moisturizing, and smoothening properties. The amino acids rejuvenate damaged skin cells and make the skin glow from within. Using just 1 gram of the product creates a dense foam that refreshes the skin. 

Korean Powder Cleansers

Mother Made Active Charcoal Enzyme Powder Wash

Charcoal is the magic component that absorbs impurities and dirty from its surroundings. Its use in skincare help create outstanding products which clean the skin’s deepest pores. Mother Made manufactures this powder wash with papaya enzyme, aloe vera, and active charcoal. The combination of these ingredients hydrates the skin and removes dead cells as well. Active charcoal removes pollution and dirt, leaving the face squeaky clean. This product is 100% vegan, and they make it without the addition of parabens. 

In The End!

Keeping your face clean is the most important activity of the day. When using enzyme-based products, their effect does not get diluted, and they provide exfoliation as well. Also, the ingredients in these cleansers work faster and leave the skin fresh in the concentrated form. Get your stock today and experience the power of concentrated enzyme cleansers. 

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