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12 Best Korean Makeup Brands That Are Worth Your Money

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For those passionate about Korean skincare and beauty products, it’s time to explore the world of Korean makeup brands!

Korean makeup brands rank among the world’s best. They offer a diverse range, from affordable options to luxurious products that promise a star-like glow.

Why Choose Korean Makeup Brands?

Korean beauty companies are more innovative and often outpace their American counterparts in innovation and efficacy. In fact, many U.S. brands draw inspiration from Korean launches.

Korean skincare companies use natural and innovative ingredients like cucumber, yuzu, and lotus extract, which makes them safer for the skin. And Korean makeup is no different! Korean makeup products are also fortified with good-for-your-skin ingredients, like in Korean skincare products.  The formulations are light so that you can show off your natural beauty! 

Furthermore, Korean makeup brands design products tailored to specific skin types and concerns. Many also incorporate anti-aging properties and SPF, emphasizing skincare alongside beautification.

Which is the Best Korean Makeup Brand?

You can look for some of the best makeup products in the world from the Korean beauty industry and their brands. Most Korean makeup brands focus on improving skin health and keeping the skin hydrated while you are out looking gorgeously stunning!

If you’ve ever searched for Korean makeup products, you surely would have stumbled upon some of the brands in our list.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Korean makeup brands to follow, ranging from a long-time favorite like AmorePacific to smaller brands like Son & Park. 


A luxurious and well-known Korean skincare brand that utilizes Korean botanicals to soothe the skin. It also provides the luminescence and enhancement of makeup products. It is well-known for its color-control cushion compact and lightweight foundation that takes care of your skin, too. 


For a Korean signature look, BB cream is the foundation! Cult-favorite Korean brand Missha makes some of the best BB cream formulations in the market. It is the best Korean makeup brand for oily skin! Whether you want a cushion application or a cream-based BB cream, Missha will surely have something for you in its range. 

Etude House

Etude House has become almost synonymous with Korean makeup. It’s like the Benefit of Korea and the Korean makeup brand known for its affordability! The brand is big on brows, fun collaborations, colorful packaging, and excellent products. Tint My Brows Gel is one of the viral makeup products from Etude House. It’s a peel-off tint that leaves a dark wash of color just like a professional brow tint. 

Holika Holika

Holika Holika is a Korean makeup brand that deals with both a bit of makeup and a bit of skincare. In Korean makeup products, it’s not always about the colors. It is mainly about the skin – whether creating a beautiful base or a healthy glowing complexion. The Korean makeup brand Holika Holika dabbles in a bit of both but specializes in fun makeup for eyeshadow palettes and foiled shadows. 


Peripera is a colorful and vibrant Korean makeup brand best known for its Ink Velvet Lip Tints. It has many other innovative lip products in the range. Formulations from Peripera are light and long-lasting! 


Professional makeup artists founded the Korean makeup brand Clio Cosmetics in 1993. Since then, the brand has launched several professional lines, including Peripera, Goodal, and Soo Ae (only in the US). Clio boasts a massive collection of makeup, body and skin care products, and even nail care. Check out the brick-and-mortar Clio store in Union Square, NYC. 

Too Cool for School 

It’s a hip and new brand with some cool packaging designs. The Korean brand is well known for its deliciously scented egg cream range. But it’s not just about skincare; it has an equally impressive and excellent makeup range. You can find some buttery powders and lightweight creams with exciting names and shades. 


Compared to AmorePacific, it’s a popular but relatively affordable Korean makeup brand. It is the top Korean makeup brand popular for its luxurious makeup products.

The Korean brand does both skincare and makeup. The product formulations are highly effective, mainly containing plant-derived ingredients that focus on delivering results. 

Son & Park

It’s a celebrity makeup artist’s creation. Park Tae Yun and Son Dae Sik are the makeup artists behind the Korean makeup brand Son & Park. 

The range specializes in dewy, no-makeup makeup and skin care products. Products from Son & Park focus on enhancing your natural beauty and making it better. 


It’s a luxury makeup brand with prices that aren’t all that luxurious! The Korean makeup brand is even a celebrity makeup artist-approved. Wendy Rowe likes VDL as a cosmetic brand as it carries a variety of colors and formulas that speak to her experience as a successful makeup artist. 

VDL is best known for its radiant Lumilayer Primer. It gives you an instant glow, the same as you would expect from a 10-step Korean skincare routine with just one product. 


Moonshot is like Korea’s Glossier. Even Glossier’s CEO and founder, Emily Weiss, loves the Moonshot store in Seoul with its cool space and product range. Korean makeup products like Cream Paint and Brow Shaper Mascara are some of the popular ones from Moonshot. 

CLE Cosmetics

It is another Korean makeup brand that utilizes skin care in its makeup. CLE Cosmetics also highlights natural beauty without compromising your skin’s integrity. It’s a small Korean brand but well-loved for its cushion compact and powder-to-cream matte lip tint. 

Chosungah 22

The brand philosophy that “makeup should be simple and fun” is well represented by Chosungah 22 makeup products. The products are easy to use and come in bright and graphic packaging. Gong Dong Minn Brow Maker is a popular product from the Korean brand. It’s an angled spoolie brush with a sponge tip that covers every little crevice of your brow. 

Wrapping up

Korean makeup brands have firmly established themselves as global leaders in the beauty industry. With a unique blend of innovation, natural ingredients, and a focus on skin health, they offer products tailored for every skin type and concern. Whether you’re seeking a luxurious experience or an affordable daily essential, there’s a Korean makeup brand to meet your needs. As the world continues to embrace K-beauty, it’s clear that the allure of Korean makeup isn’t just a trend—it’s a testament to quality, efficacy, and the timeless pursuit of radiant beauty.

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