Cure Allergic Rhinitis Easily with KoRhina by K-Startup Mirint

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KoRhina, a product by a K-startup Mirint, is a smart wearable laser treatment solution for people who are suffering from allergic rhinitis.

Working on enhancing the quality of life is the sole motto behind companies based out of South Korea. With cutting-edge technology and the latest scientific inventions, this country only dishes out the best of equipment. Mirint Co. Ltd. is one such K-startup that brings forward a remarkable product aiming at helping people who suffer from Allergic Rhinitis. This disease affects a large number of people across the globe and makes their daily chores difficult. While it is not a life-threatening disease, it reduces work output which may hamper their promotions. This article will look into understanding this organization and the miraculous device it offers. 

Korean Startup Mirint Co. Ltd.

Mirint Co. Ltd. is a South Korean organization that aims to improve health and aid people in getting a wholesome life. This company came to life in 2014 when it launched its device that allows people with Allergic Rhinitis to breathe better and experience lesser bouts of allergic reactions. The core technology behind their products is the laser, and they focus on manufacturing wearable devices. Their mission is to integrate AI in health care which could assist humans in leading a better-quality life. KoRhina is their product, and they intend to help millions of people across the globe with it. As its technology and design integration became a success, K-startup Mirint Co. Ltd. holds the award for the Road Show Rising Star for the Best Investment. With a proper certification in place, they came out with their product in 2019, and it immediately gathered 1500 customers. 

k-startup mirint

The prime source of income for this company is via subscription of their AI platform and revenue from the sale of KoRhina. The 15th Digital Innovation Awards for 2020 also saw them win a grand prize. The Ministry of Science and ICT organized this event, and it is a prestigious award. Currently, their target market is local, but 2022 will see the KoRhina reach the USA market. Eventually, the product will hit other countries like Japan, China, and some in Europe. 

Cure your Allergic Rhinitis with KoRhina

KoRhina is a palm-sized, portable device that looks like a headphone case. It works on laser technology and promises to improve symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis. The 650nm wavelength laser used here is of low intensity.

The primary cause of Rhinitis is that many people are sensitive to environmental things like pollens, dust, allergens. Once the body intakes these allergens, it produces Eosinophils. These trigger symptoms like excess music secretion and other allergic reactions. The laser eliminates these eosinophils in your nasal cavity and does not damage the lining or any other component of your health. This action reduces symptoms of Rhinitis up to 63%.

The two nozzles of the device enter the nasal cavity only slightly. To start the machine, you need to press the button on it. Then press it once again to set the timer for 10 minutes and twice for 20 minutes. Squeeze the sides and put the device at the beginning of your nose. It works with a prong-like effect and will not slip out. You will immediately see a red light that indicates the functioning of the lasers.

The recommendation is to use it once a day for ten minutes only. However, you could consult your doctor for another session if needed as it also depends on the stage of the diseases you have. The advantage of using this K-startup device from Mirint is that you can connect it to the mobile application and track your records. It also gives you a brief about the environment and an update regarding any new allergen. 

In The End!

Incorporating technology to improve quality of life is one of its best uses. This Korean product will help millions of people who suffer from such health issues. It will allow them to live healthier lives and perform better in their workspace. If you suffer from Allergic Rhinitis or know of someone who does, order this Korean product from the K-startup Mirint at the earliest and help them breathe freely!

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