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Atopalm – Korean Skincare Products for Babies and Children

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ATOPALM is the best and most gentle Korean skincare brand that is perfect for babies and children, fulfilling all their skincare needs!

For over a decade, Atopalm has gained trust and popularity and has become Korea’s No.1 sensitive skincare brand. Atopalm has a wide range of skincare products with advanced formulas to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. 

One such collection of their products includes safe and gentle skincare products for babies and children. It comprises Atopalm MLE Cream, Atopalm Mild Shampoo, Atopalm Face Cream, Atopalm Facial Foam Wash, and Atopalm Top to Toe Body Wash. These can be used by other members of the family, also. All Atopalm baby products are clinically tested and tear-free. They only contain natural ingredients and are favorable for all skin types.

Look at some of their baby products you can buy today. 

ATOPALM Facial Foam Wash

Atopalm has released its Facial Foam Wash, keeping in mind the gentle skin of babies, and it is ideal for children with any skin type. This foam wash’s main cleansing ingredient is an amino acid, a natural moisturizing component. Besides this, it contains Ceramide and Vitamin E & B5. Babies’ skin is generally sensitive, requiring low pH level products, making Atopalm facial foam wash an ideal product for your kid. It also has a low pH level, keeping the skin healthy and smooth. 

This product is perfect for infants and toddlers. It is free from 10 harmful ingredients such as artificial fragrance, pigment, ethanol, paraben, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, PG, TEA, BHT, and benzyl alcohol. 

ATOPALM Fresh 2 in 1 Shampoo

As the babies grow, their hairs get thicker, making their scalps sweaty, and with all the outdoor activities, it is necessary to thoroughly cleanse their scalps. Atoplam has developed a shampoo for babies that gently cleanses their scalp and conditioners hair, making it soft and shining. This product has the goodness of Coconut bubble, biotin, argan oil, and botanical moisturizing factors. The coconut bubble cleanses the scalp and removes all the dirt, while biotin and argan oil provide nutrients to their hair. 

It is a slightly acidic shampoo that helps the scalp after washing and protects it from weakening. Massage an appropriate amount of shampoo on their scalp and rinse it with lukewarm water. 

ATOPALM Top to Toe Wash

As the name suggests, Top to Toe baby wash is shampoo and a cleanser for the whole body and is suitable for newborn babies and toddlers. It takes mild and gentle care of your baby’s scalp and sensitive skin. It contains naturally derived cleansing ingredients from amino acids, Fucosyllactose, and 5 Amino Acids. This body is clinically tested for tear eyes so your baby will not get irritated. Unlike this, Atopalm wash will be as gentle as pure water to your baby. 

Top to Toe baby wash does not contain any artificial pigment or fragrance. It has an ideal pH level of 4-6. Low pH levels ensure healthy skin and scalp. 

ATOPALM Diaper Foaming Wash

The baby’s skin around the diaper area gets easily irritated due to frequent diaper changes and bowel movements. So the Diaper Foaming Wash launched by Atopalm, the best Korean skincare brand for babies, can help improve your baby’s skin. This diaper foaming wash contains a naturally derived cleansing ingredient from coconut oil and 5 Amino Acids. It also contains Fucosyllactose, which is identical to oligosaccharides in breast milk. Fucosyllactose soothes any redness or irritated skin. 

atopalm - korean skincare products babies

This foaming wash is clinically tested for eye irritation and skin irritation. It contains all EWG Green grade ingredients making it safe for infants and toddlers. 


Atopalm MLE Body Wash is made for all babies and children, but specifically for those who have dry skin and lacks moisture after bathing or someone who has sensitive skin and needs gentle cleansing. It contains natural ingredients such as Madecassoside, Centella Asiatica (Cica) Extract, and 5 Amino Acids. Together these ingredients soothe and calm the skin gently. 

atopalm - korean skincare products babies

Combine this body wash with Atopalm’s mild shampoo for a head-to-toe wash to give your baby a safe and perfect bath. 

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