KLIing – A Korean Product to Help you Watch Content in Any Language

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Klling by Klleon is an automatic video dubbing solution that’ll not only translate the voice but also change lip movement according to the chosen language.

Not everyone can watch movies with foreign languages and subtitles without any issue. This is an app called Klling that was introduced by its company called KLleon. KLleon is an AI startup that revolves its products around technology. The company has increased its net worth tremendously in two months with its amazing offerings like Klling.

Overview of KLleon

Seunghyuk Jin is the CEO and co-founder of a Korean startup company KLleon. He has a firm grip on business, technology, and content. With their AI-based technological dubbing app KLIing, they aim to close the barrier between content and its dubbing availabilities.

With the incredible idea of Klling, KLleon has achieved two CES 2022 innovation awards in the software & apps category. In addition, KLleon has won numerous awards as well. Now the company is about to expand its market in the United States as well. 

KLleon received a total investment of $1.7 million in August 2021 from Kakao. Apart from that, KLleon has pulled off other major investments from CJ ENM, LG Electronics, and Hyundai as well. Other than Klling, KLleon also has two other products called Kamelo and Klone.  

What is KLIing?

KLIing is a software/application for smartphones and tablets that dubs media content in languages such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English. For instance, if you want to watch Korean content in English, then you can use Kling’s dubbing ability to watch the content in English. This is perfect for English-speaking countries where people want to understand what actors/characters are saying without using subtitles. Similarly, if the audience is from japan, they can watch it in the Japanese dub. 

The developer team and the company behind Kling have received high praise due to their major contribution to the globalization of regional content. Language barriers are one of the hardest things to overcome when it comes to entertainment. As a result, Kling broke down that barrier and made people understand any content that was initially not their native language. 

The AI Deephuman technology of dubbing that KLIing has done creates wonders for media consumers, and it fills the gap that issues that people face with dubbing and subtitles. The company claims that KLIing can start dubbing the original content with 30 seconds of voice data. 

There is no problem with the synchronization of the dubbed audio with the content. The dubbing syncs flawlessly without the awkwardness of the wrong timing of the audio and the video. In addition, the time it takes to start dubbing is very fast that it seems like it is doing the dubbing in real-time. Moreover, it eliminates the cost of translating movies, videos, games, and social media into another language.

The procedure for dubbing content using Klling is straightforward. You simply have to upload the video, select the language and start training the voice. After that, you have to initiate the change language process. 

The language changing process can be done any time with any language that you prefer. Klling by Klleon has a multi-language changing ability that users can utilize to their advantage. Firstly, the app analyzes the original voice for about 30 seconds; then, it will understand the new language and its intonation. Now you simply have to wait for the magic to happen. The characters will start speaking in the new language that KLIing produced.

Every little sound that comes from the new dubbing will match perfectly with the lisping of the characters. Klling can do it flawlessly, and the developers also add additional features that make characters sound like they are barking. Although this feature works properly, it is more of a gimmick that most people will not use. 


KLIing by Klleon is the ultimate solution to watching your favorite Korean dramas in English or any other language you prefer. Some people like to watch content in the original language, but KLIing acknowledges the media consumers who like to watch in dub. Hence, they created this amazing dubbing service where you can dub your favorite content with just one click. KLIing is popularly known for its dubbing service for English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese language.

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