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Achieve Glass Skin Using These K-Beauty Products

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K-beauty products are on every magazine cover, and the internet is buzzing with their latest trends and offerings. The 10-step K-beauty regime has almost become a tradition with people celebrating on Instagram and friends congratulating them on completing it. Korean skincare techniques waltzed into every individual closet and are here to stay. K-beauty introduced the world to youthful skin and taught steps to reach the ideal skin type. Everything that they do becomes a trend and amass a huge fan following. One chapter in the K-beauty encyclopedia that interests many is glass skin and the K-beauty products that can help achieve glass skin.

What is Glass Skin?

Glass skin refers to skin that is smooth and spotless, like glass. The features of glass skin include flawless skin that glows with hydration. This type of skin is radiant and gives a shiny appearance, like water in a desert. Skin that is free from any surface irregularities, bumps, and hydration enough to reflect light is constituent as Glass skin.

As per Korean beauty experts, achieving glass skin is not a simple process and has many steps that one should undertake. This dream-like skin texture requires patients and a dedicated skincare routine. As per this routine, you must give your skin time and give it care before rushing out in the morning and before going to bed at night. The steps required to achieving this coveted necessity along with K-beauty products for each are as below.

Step 1: Oil Cleanse

Korean beauty enthusiasts and experts say the first step to achieving this skin type is a double cleanse. This step creates a squeaky-clean base for the rest of the layers to get absorbed into the skin. The first cleanse uses an oil-based product. The Face Shop makes an excellent oil-based cleanser that you can pick.  

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Rich Lighting Oil

The Face Shop brings you this oil cleaner by utilizing the goodness of rice water and its vitamin-rich components. They make it with Moringa oil and soapwort, which makes it suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Rice water’s Vitamin B and natural minerals rejuvenate and brighten the skin, while the moringa oil removes residual makeup and fortifies the skin.

glass skin k-beauty products

Step 2: Foam Cleanse

The second part of the double cleanse is the foam cleanser. This step removes excess oil and residual dirt from the face. The below product from Innisfree is ideal for this step.  

Innisfree Pore Clearing Facial Foam with Volcanic Clusters

This is a foam cleanser from the house of Innisfree that allows the soap to clean the skin. The pore-clearing facial foam comes with volcanic clusters from Jeju, which soak up the excess sebum and allows the skin to feel fresh. This cleaner also has lactic acid that exfoliates the skin. Feel the cleanser power of Jeju volcanic soil and give your skin a breath of fresh air.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Once cleaning is over, the next step is to scrub out any dead skin and hidden grime.

Mizon Apple Smooth Peeling Gel

This is a cooling gel that removes dead skin by peeling action. The mild exfoliator gently removes dirt and impurities from the skin with the help of its active ingredients like apple extract. The extract corrects the skin tone, adds elasticity to the skin, and is ideal for glass skin. It comes in an easy-to-use gel and is very mild on the face. You will not experience any rashes or itching after using this product.

glass skin k-beauty products

Step 4: Toner

K-beauty brought about a change in toners as the world knew them. Brands under K-beauty brought about non-alcoholic-based toners, placing them at the third step of the 10-step glass skin routine. Toners create the first level of hydration after the skin is clean. As layering is the base for achieving glass skin, you should not miss this step.

Etude House Soon Jung Ph5.5 Relief Toner

This toner has a pH. of 5.5, which makes the skin surface smooth and reduces dryness. They make it with a hypo-allergic and non-comedogenic formula. This product from Soon Jung contains panthensoside, which protects the skin barrier and hydrates it.

Step 5: Essence

An essence is a targeted formulation that focuses on treating skin conditions like redness and pigmentation. These are lightweight and create a smooth surface on the skin.

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

This essence is full of 96% snail mucin and prevents the skin from dryness and itchiness. Because the Power essence is lightweight, it will get rapidly absorbed. This product is dermatological-tested, 100% natural, and hypoallergenic.

Step 6: Ampoule or Serum

An ampoule or serum contains concentrated active ingredients versus milder ones, present in step 5. A serum works by targeting concerned areas in the skin, like elasticity and collagen production, and gives a youthful look.

MISSHA Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Ampoule

MISSHA makes the Time Revolution ampoule with Artemisia: a mineral from the Ganghwa Islands’ deep sea. This product balances the skin’s oil secretion and regulates moisture levels. This ampoule is nonsticky and spreads well on the skin.

glass skin k-beauty products

Step 7: Moisturize

The next step in this grilling routine is to use your regular moisturizer. For glass skin, use a moisturizer that gives you a radiant finish and lasting hydration.

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream

This cream is the perfect moisturizer for all skin types. It comes with hydrolyzed collagen, which makes your skin plump and bouncy. It also has seed-derived protein from the White Lupin, which creates a layer of hydration, preventing skin drying. This cream does not stick on the face and gives moisturization for almost 100 hours.

korean beauty products Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream
Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream

Step 8: Eye Cream

Once the layering is over, now the focus shifts to treating specific areas on the face. A good eye cream rids the under-eye area of puffiness, dark skin and soothes the eye.

CORSX Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream

This eye cream is a cruelty-free product from CORSX that comes with 72% pure snail secretion. This snail slime creates a protective layer on the under-eye area and does not let it dry out. The under-eye cream also has niacinamide and five peptides that repair delicate skin. This product increases the elasticity of the skin around the eyes, thus giving a youthful look.

glass skin k-beauty products

Step 9: Face Mask

Korean beauty brands introduced multiple face masks, and undertaking this step is mandatory to finish the glass skin routine. While Korean brands make both sheet and applicator masks, sheet masks are popular because they are convenient.

Wonjin Effect Multiple Vitamin Sheet Mask

This sheet mask is from WonjIn and contains hyaluronic acid in 6 molecular sizes. This hyaluronic acid allows for steady absorption and keeps skin hydrated for long. It also has panthenol which heals damaged skin, keeps it smooth and shiny. All these features make it the ideal product for completing your glass skin routine.

Step 10: Sunscreen

Everyone knows that wearing sunscreen is mandatory, and it protects the skin from sun damage. However, to achieve glass skin, this step is vital. Wearing sunscreen prevents the skin from developing wrinkles, spots, and pigmentation. This step is for the morning routine, and you can miss it for the night routine.

Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish Sun Milk

Etude House to the rescue again for the sunscreen, they make the Sunprise sunscreen with SPF 50++ And PA+++, which works well against the sun. This sun milk is a mineral-based cream that makes it long-lasting. You will not experience a white cast that occurs when using sunscreen. Its ingredients, like Centella Asiatica and mistletoe leaves, improve the overall health of the skin.

glass skin k-beauty products
In the end!

While the ten steps may seem daunting, remember the goal you have in mind. All envy glass skin, and achieving it will make you more confident to walk out without makeup. Once you achieve it, your skin worries will end, and you can flaunt your flawless skin anytime. Make your dream come true with these K-beauty products and get that glass skin in no time.

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