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TIESO – A Korean Beauty Brand for Men

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TIESO is a Korean beauty brand for men who want to boost their confidence and who feel strongly about their grooming and beauty.

While beauty defines women-related features, men also have beauty standards and follow them meticulously. Some K-beauty brands identify with the male side of beauty requirements and cater to their needs. One such brand is TIESO, and it serves up a range of products specially designed for men.

TIESO: The Story Behind The Brand

The word TIESO has a Spanish meaning and translates to strong. This brand caters to strong, confident men who are out there to make a difference. TIESO works with a vision of providing courage so that every man feels brave enough to face the world. They have a wide range of products, starting from anti-aging to anti-pollution ones. Though the brand came into existence only three years ago, it has amassed an enormous fan base following its unique product line. The makers have already tasted success in South Korea and are now targeting the Singapore market. This brand also has eyes on gaining the market share in the USA and gradually penetrating other countries. You should look at their top four products that are a craze amongst men worldwide.

What Products Does TIESO Have?

The products from this company stand divided into two major categories called hygiene and anti-aging. This brand harnesses the power of nature and traditional Korean techniques to curate a range that rids the skin of harmful bacteria, thus reducing irritation and skin issues.

TIESO Rapido Easy Grooming Spray For Men

This spray falls under the grooming range and finds its use in the shaving kit. It is the best product to clean your beard and keep it free of unwanted bacteria. This product comes in a woody and spicy scent and leaves a pleasant lingering scent. The peppermint extract in the grooming spray fights against the bacteria that cause folliculitis. You need to spray on and experience a calming and cooling sensation that cures all your odors and itch-related worries away.

TIESO men beauty brand

TIESO Sol UV Protector Sunscreen

This product is a sunscreen from TIESO’s anti-aging range. It covers a broad spectrum of the Sun’s harmful rays with SPF 50+ and PA ++++ and provides excellent protection. This product is suitable for people with oily skin as it is non-greasy. You will not experience any white cast with this cream as it has a sheer formula. It uses extract from the maca root that gives it antibacterial properties. The cypress promotes skin flexibility, and Yam cools the skin.

TIESO Homme Lip Balm

TIESO also makes lip balm to help men combat the harsh winter month yet keep their lips supple. This balm comes with a light tint that subtly highlights the lips. This product has vitamin C, Carrot extracts, maca root, and Adenosine, all of which work together to give the lips a dryness-free texture. The balm is ideal as it is small and easy to carry.

TIESO All In One-Night Face Lotion

TIESO has come with an all-in-one-night cream that will cure your tired, dry, and irritated skin after a long day. They make this lotion with Vitamin B3 that whitens skin cells, adenosines that remove fine lines and wrinkles, and maca root that works as an anti-aging product. This cream has a mix of marine and soap scent that improves sleep.

TIESO men beauty brand
In the end!

With such unique products from TIESO brand, men need not feel left out now about their grooming and beauty. Whether you need a quick beard cleansing or a day-night lotion, TIESO has a solution to all your problems. Get your range of TIESO products today and experience beauty in masculinity.   

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