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Amorepacific And Its Foray Into Personalized Cosmetics

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Amorepacific, South Korea’s leading beauty and skincare company, is making waves in customized and personalized cosmetics.

Amorepacific Base Picker Service

The Base Picker service from Amorepacific will offer customized foundation and cushion products to customers. As a customer, you can opt for either a glow or semi-matte finish. There are around 100 makeup colors that you can choose from with 20 levels of brightness and 5 different tones.

Photo from AmorePacific Corp. shows its Base Picker robot service

You can experience it at the Amorepacific store in Seongsu, Seoul. It has a skin tone measuring program and offers consultation with makeup professionals. You can get customized products created by a robot based on the program and consultation on the spot.

Starting next week, you can also get the same service at the company’s online mall, Atrium Mall.

In this, based on the info provided by the customers about the base makeup products, the online mall will create and send customized cosmetics. Customers will only have to select their color preference and the preferred finish.

Amorepacific At CES

At the CES 2021 (Consumer Electronic Show 2021), Amorepacific showcased a customized lip makeup manufacturing system, Lip Factory by Color Tailor and an instant active toner blending device.

Lip Factory by Color Tailor

It is an integrated online-offline lip makeup manufacturing system. An AI-based mobile application recommends customized lip colors to customers. A pigment dispensing system then manufactures the customized product instantly on-site. The Lip Factory by Color Tailor can recommend and create more than 2,000 colors.

Amorepacific lip factory
Amorepacific is named a CES 2021 Innovation Award Honoree with its ‘Lip Factory by Color Tailor’ technology. It uses AI application to recommend and create customized lip color makeup immediately in-store.

With Amorepacific’s award-winning technology, customers can customize and personalize their lip color. You can try this service at the flagship store, ‘Amore Seongsu’ in Seoul.

Instant Active Toner Blending Device

It is an at-home beauty device that can deliver a dose of skincare products on a cotton pad for hygienic application. You can mount an ampoule on the device which will deliver it mixed with the liquid toner base. The device then cools or warms the cotton pad with the liquid to an appropriate temperature. You can set up three different skincare ampoules on the device so that it can cover most of your skincare routine.

Lab Tailored 3D Mask from IOPE

In 2020, Amorepacific unveiled its Lab Tailored 3D Mask under the label IOPE, a skincare brand popular for its scientific products. Lab Tailored 3D Mask is a 2020 CES Innovation Award honoree. The Lab Tailored 3D Mask is a made-to-measure hydrogel mask that is custom-made to fit each individual’s facial dimension. It will also cater to an individual’s personal skin conditions.

Lab Tailored 3D Mask Amorepacific
IOPE LAB in Myeongdong (PRNewsfoto/Amorepacific)

This service is combined with Lab Tailored Serum. In this, the optimal ingredients for the customer’s skin type are mixed on the spot. There are 20 versions of serums, along with four base formulas and five solutions. You can try out these services at IOPE Lab, a flagship store in Seoul’s Myeongdong shopping district.

About Amorepacific

Amorepacific is all about unique perception of Asian Beauty. It is Korea’s leading beauty company with a deep understanding of both human and nature so that it can create a beautiful harmony between the two. Its portfolio includes more than 20 personal care, cosmetics, and health care brands.

Amorepacific has been in the personalized cosmetics business since 2017. Since then, it has several successful projects about personalized face and body care through its flagship brands. Some of these projects include LANEIGE’s My Delicious Therapy, ETUDE’s My Lip Bar, eSpoir’s Color Mix Bar, and innisfree’s My Recipe Bar.


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