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STYLEPILL: Connecting Korean fashion to global customers

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Stylepill is another Korean platform that gives you a daily update of K-beauty and K-fashion products. It is a fashion-tech startup that has introduced an app that allows users to interact with other people to gather more information about the products.

Stylepill is a perfect app that can assist those who are interested in Korean fashion and beauty products and find it challenging to find relevant information about the same. You can ask native Koreans in any language about the products and how they will look like by seeing how they appear when worn.

Why do we need something like STYLEPILL?

When you think about Korean fashion and beauty products, some of them have a global presence and are available to global customers. But, this is not the case with many other famous Korean brands. They are not accessible to global customers, mainly because of language limitations and lack of clear information.

So, even though the products are affordable and are of international quality, the customers do not feel confident enough in purchasing them. This is because the information provided is inadequate or is mentioned in native Korean.

So, what does STYLEPILL do in this scenario?

STYLEPILL has closed this barrier between Korean beauty and fashion brands and global customers. It has provided an online platform for users to share about Korean fashion and beauty products.

Who tells all about the K-beauty and K-fashion products?

STYLEPILL has ‘Style Ambassadors’ that can help in overcoming any issues faced while shopping across international borders. They can help you out with language problems, international sizing, trends, and personal preferences while shopping. At present, there are 35 ‘Style Ambassadors’ who are based out of 6 countries to assist you with your shopping endeavors. These fashionistas are young influencers who are fashion savvy, and they can even offer a real-time consultation and recommendations. Along with Ambassadors, a regular user can also become a curator. The users can get a commission from STYLEPILL, which encourages them to participate in more activities.

What do you get from the STYLEPILL app?

Using the STYLEPILL app, you can learn about K-beauty and K-fashion trends. And, at the same time, you can shop to your heart’s content without facing any international shopping issues. You can get curated and cheap fashion and beauty products that are available all around the world; it is not just limited to Korean products. You get to see and follow the latest trends, and if you like them, you can even buy those products from the same app.

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As the primary focus of the app was Korean fashion and beauty products, it is expanding its global presence with its Style Ambassadors and other influencers. So, if you are interested in all things Korean, you can download the STYLEPILL app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and get access to thousands of curated products!

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