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Korean beauty brand MEDIHEAL partnering with K-pop group BTS

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MEDIHEAL is a Korean beauty brand that was launched in 2009 to empower everyone so that they can reach their full beauty potential. Within the industry, MEDIHEAL is known as a ‘beauty science’ company as it offers beauty and skincare solutions that are scientific in their approach.

At present, MEDIHEAL is most popularly known for its sheet masks. The design of the masks is unique, and they incorporate innovative and scientific processes. Over the past years, MEDIHEAL has grown significantly. It has established its position as a global beauty brand in the market. The sole mission of this company is to create an affordable one-sheet solution to your specific and daily changing skincare needs.

The Sheet Mask

MEDIHEAL has sheet masks for every skin type and skin concern. The common point amongst all the different sheet masks is that they are made from the safest, highest quality ingredients using a ground-breaking process. It is the first of its kind in Korea, and this process is entirely automated, which ensures the sterility of the product.

The Formula

The main component of a sheet mask is the formula that the sheet mask holds. MEDIHEAL has experimented over the years with different textures and finishes. It has come up with various formulations that provide moisturizing, brightening, soothing, and anti-aging benefits along with many more.

BTS and K-beauty

All the seven members of K-pop band BTS are bound to have better skincare routines that you. They have glowy and bouncy skin that comes from strict following of Korean beauty and skincare routines. They have partnered many times over the years with MEDIHEAL and created many limited-edition versions of products.

Bio Capsulin “Love Me” Mask Set

It is a limited edition sheet mask kit where MEDIHEAL teamed up with the No. 1 K-pop band BTS. It was launched in July 2019, and it was sold out within three hours of its launch in Korea. This mask features three heart-shaped masks where each mask addresses a different skin concern.

The green heart mask is the Soothing Mask, which is ideally suited for sensitive skin types. It soothes and moisturizes the skin. The blue heart mask is the Hydra Mask, which has been perfected for dry skin types. It provides intensive moisture and restores skin vitality. And lastly, the purple mask is the Toning Mask, which is excellent for congested complexions. It brightens and hydrates the skin tone.

Each of these sheet masks is infused with “Pink Oil Capsules” that contains jojoba oil, which is JungKook’s favorite ingredient. It enhances skin absorption, regulates sebum production, and balances skin moisture levels.

If you are a BTS fan and a K-beauty lover, you can get this limited-edition unique sheet mask from

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