Korean Startup MIJ’s First Digital Tinnitus Care App CARE4EAR

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Hearing problem is an issue that many people face, but there is hardly any tech approach for treating the issue. Today we will talk about an app that focuses on tinnitus care. Tinnitus is a hearing issue where you constantly hear ringing noise not coming from any external source. IT affects your daily routine and has a negative impact on your lifestyle.

If you have tinnitus or any other related issue, consider using the CARE4EAR app. It is an underlying condition that can cause more harm as you age. Take the test with the CARE4EAR app and treat your tinnitus. In this article, you will learn about CARE4EAR and the app’s creator, MIJ. 

About MIJ

MIJ has worked on making sound therapy more effective with their tinnitus care solutions since 2018. During CES 2021, which was held online, CARE4EAR was introduced, and they finally released CARE4EAR and ETEREO TC2 to prevent people from getting tinnitus. The best part is that users can do the treatment all by themselves. 

MIJ.Co Ltd is based in Chuncheon, Gangwon-Do, South Korea, and it is a startup company that focuses on finding intuitive solutions to hearing problems. 

Through research and clinical trials, MIJ finds an effective tinnitus care solution. After that, they also collaborated with Hallym University, Korea, in 2019. Since then, MIJ has continuously conducted tests in the context of the tinnitus care app and significantly improved its methods of treating and preventing tinnitus through CARE4EAR and ETEREO TC2. 

In 2021, MIJ held significant events online in January despite Covid 19 pandemic, and that is when CARE4EAR was introduced to the world. 

What is CARE4EAR?

CARE4EAR is a digital tinnitus prevention and treatment app with its dedicated headset, ETEREO TC2. CARE4EAR provides many benefits to your hearing, and you can detect if you have issues with hearing. Users can easily self-assess their hearing by conducting a test from the CARE4EAR app. Moreover, there is no need for an extra hand for a self-hearing test. 

Tinnitus Care app

Mixing-point sound therapy is a popular tinnitus retraining therapy, and CARE4EAR also uses this method to treat hearing problems due to ringing or other noise. Sound therapy was first introduced in the 70s when its effectiveness was successfully proven. However, it was difficult among the tinnitus patients to see significant improvements with the therapy. The ineffectiveness of mixing point sound therapy in tinnitus patients was due to technical problems and real-environment factors.

The portable TC2 headset and the CARE4EAR make it easily accessible where people can do tinnitus care from anywhere and at any time. You need to install the app available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

CARE4EAR works straightforwardly, and you need to follow along with the app to self-assess your tinnitus test. The first thing that CARE4EAR does is that it tests your hearing. You can set the type, frequency, and intensity of the sound that comes out for the test.

The optimal amount of tinnitus sound you should hear is 4 hours daily, and you should keep doing it for over six months. After you hear the tinnitus sound, the app will show you tinnitus test results. You can also customize the tinnitus sound to enhance its effectiveness, and research shows that customized tinnitus sound can treat or prevent tinnitus issues. 


CARE4EAR gives you sophisticated yet professional-level hearing and tinnitus tests. The test is done through self-assessment, which means you can do a tinnitus test anywhere, and you can just put on the headset and start conducting the tests. The app provides customizable tinnitus sounds because different people get different types of sensations when hearing sounds. As a result, CARE4EAR will provide customized tinnitus sound based on your test result. Furthermore, you will get to know about your hearing to go for other consultancies if necessary. 

MIJ.Co, Ltd introduced this tinnitus care solution at CES 2021, where they won the Innovative Award. They aim to give people an excellent way of testing their hearing capacity and tinnitus issues. 

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