Enuma – Learning Solutions for Children by K-Startup

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Enuma is a K-startup empowering all children to learn and grow independently by creating exceptional learning solutions like Todo Math & Kitkit School.

Enuma is a company that provides learning solutions for children from South Korea. Korean researchers have drawn attention to its creative and affordable learning solutions for kids with learning challenges and in underdeveloped countries. The company is based in California and was started by a Korean couple. 

About K-Startup Enuma

The emergence of digital learning has made Enuma one of the leaders in the industry. The company has a distribution of platforms in the form of apps. All of their platforms provide knowledge and education, especially in math. 

Todo Math, an app provided by Enuma, has been in the top rank in the education category for many weeks. It is at the top of Apple’s App store in 20 different countries. Todo math is a math adventure for Pre-K, also known as 2nd grade. It was created to give special assistance to kids that require special attention. This pre-k learning solution has fundamental math concepts that kids can learn at school and at home. 

enuma k-startup

Enuma has an intuitive approach to its education method. As a result, students find the learning experience enjoyable and gain the interest of everyone worldwide. The company started in 2012 and has its fair share of struggles with its business model. However, the company has raised $5 million from investors, including Soft

The enjoyable and simple learning method quickly gained favor with students, instructors, and parents all across the world. 

ToDo Math

Todo Math by Enuma is their biggest and most popular learning solution. As a result, it was an SIIA CODiE Finalist and won the Parent’s Choice Gold Award. Additionally, it secured $5 million in total contributions from other investors, including Japan’s multinational conglomerate holding company Softbank.

Enuma’s next objective is to triumph in the Global Learning Xprize competition, founded in the US to promote and honor software that addresses global illiteracy. 

Kitkit School

Enuma also has a tablet-based learning suite called Kitkit School. The company entered the competition with Kitkit School, a tablet-based early learning program that enables kids to take charge of their own education and achieve essential math and literacy skills. 

The objective of KitKit school is to provide the foundation to improve literacy and relevant skills without having conventional school resources. 

Sooinn Lee, CEO and founder of ENUMA, has revealed the information regarding the prices of the tablets. The cost of the tablet from Kitkit school is roughly about 80,000, making it an affordable purchase. On top of that, tablets use less power than PCs, so neighborhood kids can use them with a single solar power system. As a result, lower-class families and underprivileged children can get their hands on it.

Final Thoughts

K-startup Enuma has a prevalent way of providing a learning solution for children. Not only will children get an education, but they will also gain confidence and independence. The company constantly provides an update to improve its platform. If you are interested, you can get the app from Google Play Store and App Store. The learning solutions from Enuma are set to promote independence, motivation, and success among children who require special needs.

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