METALENSE – AR Glasses from Korean Startup

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P&C Solution, a Korean startup company that specializes in MR, AR, and hybrid reality, launched its new product called METALENSE. They launched this AR device in Korea and the overseas market on October 4, 2022. The product received CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Virtual & Augmented reality category. 

This upgraded version of the already existing AR device by P&C solution is getting the attention of many media outlets. Let’s take a closer look at the product here in this article.

P&C Solution launched METALENSE on October 4, 2022, at KES, which was held at COEX. The event goes on for four days straight, from October 4 to 7. At the event, the product was also concurrently launched in the overseas market with the help of promotional articles. 

Overview of P&C Solution

A South Korean-based company P&C Solution develops and provides services based on AR and MR. The company’s main focus is on developing AR glasses. They have a selection of AR-based devices, including a CES innovation Awards nominee METALENSE.

Founded in 2015, Chiwon Choi, founder of P&C solution, leads this Ai technology and Metaverse platform company. P&C Solution has 51 to 100 employees as of now and is a private enterprise. The company’s headquarter is in Seoul, South Korea.

METALENSE is the latest launch from this company. The company also upgraded the MR device’s optical system and AR engine in this new launch. As a result, the company is expecting to provide a better immersive experience.

The company is getting recognition for its products and services powered by Ai. The recognition is even prevalent in exhibitions like KES, where the company gets Innovation Awards at the event. KES is Korea’s IT exhibition, where many companies exhibit their technologies. 


METALENSE is an advanced mixed reality or hybrid reality device for industrial and medical applications. It creates a clear image that is needed in such industries. As a result, it is suitable for medical organizations to use METALENSE to aid health problems. 

 The AR glass created by P&C solution has its own style. AR glasses, in general, have tinted glasses due to some reason. However, METALENSE is a transparent lens for various benefits. For starters, it reduces the gap between virtual reality and the real environment. Moreover, it enhances the content by making it clearer and more visible. In addition, the application sites have become more secure. 

With a specialized AR engine implemented, METALENSE can increase the immersive nature of the MR device. In other words, AR content blends in with the real world without looking fake. As a result, any AR content will be perceived with true depth and space by the human eye. Other benefits of the AR engine include an increase in economic efficiency and safety in the application site. 


The newly launched product at the exhibition is bringing the upgraded version of all AR glasses. P&C Solution is looking forward to applying its creations in the world of medical applications. They will do it by providing high-resolution and true-to-life AR content. As a result, the immersive quality will be high, and the user experience will be improved significantly. In conclusion, their goal is to mix AR and reality perfectly.

Earlier, the company prepared to demonstrate AR drawing remotely using METALENSE. The exhibition was a great success, where the P7C solution launched the new AR glasses model. On top of that, they also introduced their upgraded services at the KES 2022. 

The founder of P&C Solution is looking forward to a great future for METALENSE and other services provided by the company. Before the event, he said that the company would make prevalent research. He also added that the preparation to make the launch event is going to be a meaningful opportunity for their products and services. 


METALENSE is a big innovation from the Korean startup company, and it is here to assist industries in the medical realm. There could be many other use cases in the future when the company implements new technologies. Currently, METALENSE is promising and will benefit its users without worrying about its security issues. 

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