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Brand Focus: make p:rem – Pragmatic Skincare Remedies

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make p:rem is one of the most trusted K-beauty brands creating skincare remedies for different skin types!

Today the market of beauty products can be considered the biggest market among all others. A lot of people, no matter their age or country, are concerned about their skin and beauty. Their demand has encouraged many startups to enter the beauty industry. Whether you are a newbie or experienced, the question must occur in your mind: whom to trust? It’s a very common question among beauty product lovers because not all brands are ideal for your skin. 

Whenever it comes to beauty, Korean beauty brands are the most trusted ones all around the world, and one of the most trusted among them is make p:rem, a brand that has gained the trust of several people all across the world. 

Everything You Need to Know About make p:rem

make p:rem is a beauty brand that originally belongs to South Korea. make p:rem is built and runs with the concept of “lagom.” It’s a word from Sweden that originally means “just the right amount.” make p:rem believes that no matter the effectiveness of the cream, if it’s not used in the right amount, then it may not be able to show its full potential and may disappoint the user, so using a product in the right amount is the key to enhancing your beauty. The brand has included certain features like Hydrate Me Line, UP protect my line, and many more such useful features.

Top make p:rem Products

Here are some of the top-selling and most popular products of make p:rem. 

Daily Vegan Sun Fluid

Daily Vegan Sun Fluid is built with special technology, which makes it a perfect protection from UV rays. This technology in make p:rem is known as “UV defense me.” It’s a perfect mixture of both chemical and physical ingredients that makes sure that harmful UV rays won’t reach your skin. If you enter into an environment that is quite too hot along with UV protection, you would also require fluid or cream that’s non-sticky and support Moisture in your skin, and make p:rem’s Daily Vegan Sun Fluid does the exact thing.

Micro Tension Moisturizing Cream

As the name suggests, make p:rem’s Micro Tension Moisturizing Cream is a moisturizer that is built with the latest “Hydrate me” technology. Infused with the latest technology of make p:rem, this moisturizing cream is much more than a moisturizer, as it comes with several different skin-saving properties. This hydration cream is built with non-irritant ingredients, making it suitable for even those with sensitive skin. Hyaluronic acids, raspberry extracts, and other special ingredients are used in its formation. Its other feature is that it’s long-lasting and can support Moisture in your skin for more than 24 hours.

Relief Moisture Green Ampoule

Since we already know that each make p:rem product is built with the latest and special technology, this Moisture Green Ampoule is no exception. It’s built with special “safe me” technology. It’s called “Green” because it’s built with 18 special ingredients derived completely from nature without using harmful or concentrated chemicals. Its natural and skin-friendly ingredients make it completely irritation free and suitable for everyone. Still, you should avoid application on the areas with red spots and wounds.

Mushroom Concentrate Essence

The Mushroom Concentrate Essence by make p:rem is an all-in-one essence as it’s non-sticky, provides Moisture, and also protects skin from several output factors like pollution and UV rays (to some extent). It strengthens the skin’s natural barriers and makes it even stronger. The mushrooms used in essence are special Chaga Mushrooms which have properties to keep your skin healthy and young. Also, the other ingredients used in it are derived from nature, too and ensure irritation-free skin all day long. Its technology is not given a separate name, but yet it’s worth a shot because it provides almost all the features of the other products mentioned above.

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