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Five Korean Beauty Brands with the Best Ever Packaging

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K-beauty has been unstoppable in its global denomination. Be it following multi-step skincare routines or following your favorite K-pop idol’s skincare secrets, Korean beauty lovers are eager to experience more of it. Keeping its effective and innovative formulations aside, the Korean skin care and beauty brands are also famous for their Instagram-worthy packaging!

From Jeju Island lotus hand-painted packaging of The Pure Lotus to the marble printed compacts from Dear Dahlia, continue reading to check out the 5 Korean beauty brands with the best packaging and design.

The Pure Lotus

The packaging features art created by Kang Myeong-soon, The Pure Lotus founder’s mother. She is a well-known artist who resides at the legendary Buddhist temple in Jeju Island. For decades, she is painting lotus flowers from the region. The design is on-point with the brand story as most of the products feature lotus extract as the star ingredient.

Dear Dahlia

The makeup line from Dear Dahlia is covered in marble patterns and accents of rose gold. This makes it one of the most photogenic lines on the K-beauty market. The products are Instagram-friendly, and on top of that, they are also vegan and cruelty-free. The content is as good as its packaging. People like the formulations because of their rich pigmentation and a smooth texture, especially in the case of lipsticks.


Mamonde is another K-beauty brand that has become popular because of its floral formulations. The skin care and beauty products from Mamonde contain natural ingredients like flowers such as hibiscus, honeysuckle, and lotus. Petal Spa Oil to Foam Cleanser is one such favorite double cleanser from the brand that is a gentle, rose-infused formula. The packaging of Mamonde is apt in its design featuring floral motifs.


It is a brand founded by the creators of Gentle Monster, a chic and edgy eyewear line that is well known for its utterly fashionable designs. And this is well apparent because of the photogenic aesthetics of its product range, which draws your attention with its unique design. Not only is the design quirky, but it is also functional. The hand creams look almost like a luxury handbag. It is packaged in sophisticated tubes with dainty chains and shiny gold caps. The cap of the tube is attached to a gold chain, so you never have to worry about dropping and losing it.

Too Cool For School

It is an artistic cosmetic brand that focusses on experimentation and contemporary culture. You can see the quality and uniqueness of its packaging with the artwork from artists worldwide. Different collections feature the collective artwork of various artists – Hatori Sando, Erica Choi, June Kim, and others.

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