Meet Hyodol, the AI Companion Doll – Future of Senior Care

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Feeling isolated? Hyodol AI Doll offers companionship and emotional support for seniors. Learn how these innovative robots are changing the face of senior care!

Loneliness is becoming common these days. It is a public health concern where people feel a mental and emotional discomfort. It’s a feeling that most of us have experienced at least once in our lifetimes. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) declared loneliness as a global health threat in 2023.

To do away with loneliness, a South Korean company has created a robot doll. This doll comes with artificial intelligence (AI) to interact with elders having dementia.

What is Hyodol?

Hyodol is a robot with Artificial Intelligence (AI), made in South Korea, that can interact with seniors suffering from dementia. The doll is designed to combat loneliness in seniors thanks to its complex language processing skills, ability to talk, play music, and recognize emotions. It will offer a sense of companionship to elders requiring care.

The AI care robot was made by a company with the same name in South Korea. The robot provides personalized attention to seniors requiring care and companionship. To achieve this, Hyodol captures all the information from interacting and living with humans.

According to the company, “Hyodol helps digitally disadvantaged individuals to live happier and healthier lives through the convenience of digital technology.”

AI doll to beat loneliness

The Hyodol has Emotional AI technology which helps users get emotional support that feels genuine and is easy to relate with.

Remote monitoring by caretakers

Caretakers can remotely monitor the elders with the robot AI companion doll. It comes with an app and web monitoring platform where individuals can hold full conversation through the doll.

It also sounds an alarm if no movement is detected in a certain amount of time.

Additional features

  • check-ins
  • a health coach
  • recorded voice messages by caretakers
  • medication reminders
  • 24-hour voice reminders
  • music
  • quizzes
  • exercise suggestions
  • health Q&A twice a day to monitor users’ health
  • and more

How much does it costs?

The 2nd generation AI robot dolls are priced at $1,200.

AI robots and healthcare

More than 10,000 domestic and overseas Hyodol dolls are deployed to keep seniors company and provide care with heart. According to Hyodol CEO Kim Ji-hee, “The average age of Hyodol users is 82.”

AI robots like Hyodol can help reduce depression as it builds an emotional connection with the elderly. Not only that, it also helps in monitoring their health and prevent any safety accidents.

As the elderly population is growing all across the world, especially in South Korea, Hyodol is the perfect innovative solution. By 2025, it is expected that the elderly population will account for 20% of total population. It means that the society will be considered mostly aged.

Beaucse of increasing elderly population, the loneliness pandemic is also manifesting. Most of the elderly live alone and are non-communicative with their families.

In such cases, Hyodol, the AI companion doll can the be perfect companion and healthcare assistant.

Privacy concerns?

While there are no doubts about the usefulness of Hyodol in senior care and companionship, there can be some privacy concerns. The robot continuously collects verbal and nonverbal data from users via AI. The collected data is used to train and offer personalized coaching.

Future plans and accolades of Hyodol AI doll

It has also received the Best Mobile Innovation for Connected Health and Wellbeing at the Global Mobile Awards 2024 for its successful introduction of AI-based care robots to the global market from Korea. 

The South Korean company has now plans to launch this Hyodol AI robot doll into the European and North American markets.

Website: HYODOL: AI Care Platform

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