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The Viral Trend of Cloudless Skin from K-Beauty

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Keeping up with the Korean trends has become the new normal, and it has been doing wonders for the skin. Be it K-pop idols or Korean stars, everyone is talking about the new cloudless skin trend. Top K-beauty companies are repeatedly endorsing this method. So here is everything you need to know about the K-beauty trend and if it is worth the hype or not. 

Cloudless skin is a recent Korean beauty trend that simply refers to flawless porcelain-like skin. It is very much possible to get skin texture as smooth as porcelain. The Cloudless Skin trend can give you incredible results if followed the right way. You do not have to use the metaphors glass skin or mirror skin figuratively anymore, and you can literally make that possible through the Korean Cloudless Skin method.

Note– You cannot achieve cloudless skin in a day or so. It needs patience and consistency. The process is more about inculcating a healthy lifestyle and skincare. The process encourages the skin to transform into better-looking and healthy skin and not by forcing.

Follow these steps to get that cloudless skin and change your skincare game for once.

Cleanse, Cleanse

This step should be a no-brainer, as it is highly essential to include the cleansing step in any skincare regime. The mundane life brings in a lot of dirt and impurities to the skin, so cleaning the face twice a day with an excellent cleanser is essential. If you want the skincare routine to work, always start with an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based one, and it will give you squeaky-clean skin. Do not forget to cleanse as it is the first step to achieving flawless skin. You can use a cleanser such as The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Foam Cleanser and MANYO FACTORY Pure Cleansing Oil.

Moisturize For Nice and Tight Skin

The skin needs enough hydration irrespective of its type, which is only possible with the help of a good moisturizer. Gently massaging in the best K-beauty moisturizer like the ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Cream will help you achieve your skin goals. After you cleanse the skin, the natural moisture might miss from the skin cells. To give that extra moisture, you need a hydrating moisturizer as an essential step in your routine. If you want cloudless skin, you can choose water-based moisturizers with hyaluronic acids or aloe vera.

Make It Flawless

Use an effective exfoliator like WASHO Soft+ Cushy polisher to take off the dead skin layers and replenish the skin cells. After that, it is recommended to use a brightening serum with rich properties to bring out radiant skin tone.

If you are on your way to achieving cloudless skin, you need to correct the imperfections in your skin; they are more of a hurdle for cloudless skin. So make sure that you treat the acne, spots, pigmentation, or any other flaws in the skin with the proper treatment. You can improve your skin health and get one step ahead to achieve flawless skin by correcting the blemishes.

Protection Against the Sun

Wearing sunblock is a quintessential step in the entire process. To stay away from the UV rays, you need to wear good sunscreen all the time. Apply about two fingers’ worth of sunscreen and get on with your outdoor works. You need to wear sunscreen even if you are at home to protect your skin from the blue lights emitting from the gadgets. Make sure that your sunscreen has SPF 30, which is a broad spectrum such as Innisfree Daily UV Defense Sunscreen. Also, wear protective clothing like long sleeves and lengthy dresses during hot days.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Do not underestimate the power of good sleep. The lack of sleep and tiredness in your body will show in your skin. Get your regular sleep with no distractions. Quit smoking and alcohol to make better lifestyle changes and to achieve cloudless skin. Life-altering changes, workload, environmental changes can wreak havoc on your skin, but you can beat it with these K-beauty skincare methods and enjoy the supple and radiant skin.

Final Thoughts

Cloudless skin tops the list of viral Korean beauty trends like Honey skin, glass skin, and others. You can try out these steps to achieve cloudless skin with the help of trusted products.

Flawless skin and a supple texture can help you function with confidence. If you follow the viral Cloudless Skin method, you will see drastic changes in your skin, and your skin health will be much better. You need to be consistent and careful with the process to get the intended results. Get that glow and your skincare game to the top.

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