Korean Startup CoolP Assisting Travelers in Selecting Ideal Destinations

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It is always a daunting task to search for all the things you need to know about your next travel destination. Moreover, it is very unlikely that you’ll find every information in one place. As a result, a Korean travel startup, Hotsunny Co Ltd, has developed a perfect companion platform CoolP for travelers. The platform will guide travelers in choosing the ideal destination and what activities & events to do and attend respectively.

The platform comes in the form of an app that has recently gained popularity. One of the reasons why the app is in the spotlight is because of the travel experience it provides. The app provides a comprehensive environment for travel destinations. On top of that, users can see other travelers’ videos to get an idea of what the place looks like. 

What is CooIP?

CooIP is an app for both Android and iOS and comes under the category of Travel. It is a must-have app for tourists searching for tourist attractions. CoolP by the Korean startup has an intuitive approach of showing tourists attractions by showing 18 seconds videos shared by other travelers. As a result, you can learn what activities to do in those locations. In addition, you will learn more about the location in general.

The app organizes and curates travel destinations with short videos posted by other travelers. Moreover, there is a specific theme and location for the videos. In other words, all videos posted by people with the same travel destination will show up in separate sections. Similarly, the theme will have selected videos that may be of different locations but provide a similar experience. As a result, users will find it easy to navigate and search for this next travel destination.

There is an intuitive tool in CooIP called “Dual Search Bar” that provides curated trip ideas and suggestions. The results that come from this search bar suggest what you can do in a particular location. CoolP has an AI module that gathers information about travelers and matches them with other travelers to show results. The information that the module gathers are location, theme, and basic data of travelers. Self-guided travel reservation is much more amazing with the social travel experience-sharing platform.


The app gives comprehensive detail about their travel destination through short videos of other travelers. As a result, it simplifies their planning, and they will be able to pack accordingly. On top of that, they will get an idea of what types of products are available in their desired location. Moreover, CooIP also has a bucket list and travel log to narrow down the places the travelers want to go. 

Popularity due to the pandemic

While the corona pandemic restricted everyone from traveling, many online platforms provide traveling experiences that viewers enjoy. Users were comfortable traveling from their homes and visiting, tasting, and enjoying various experiences. CoolP is also present in all stages of Travel. It stays as a perfect travel companion for your planning, recording, sharing, and many more things. People who watch the videos on CooIP can contact the person who posted the video. As a result, they can get a one-on-one conversation about the travel destination. You can learn about various tourists attraction, restaurants, and facilities of places even before you visit them.

Final thoughts

The Korean travel startup platform CoolP is also available in English-speaking countries. On top of that, Hotsunny Co. Ltd is set to launch CoolP in five middle eastern and southeast Asian countries. Many influencers from social media and room TV will also take part in the making of an amazing travel platform. 

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