Robodesk – An Ergonomic Smart Moving Desk From Korea

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In times when we are all working from home, convenience and comfort have become a necessary part of work. Robodesk from a Korean company will take your work-from-home setup to another level!

Physical labor resonates with a human’s healthy lifestyle. Muscles, bone structure, and overall body alignment relate to walking and movement. Though one tries their best to achieve the goal of being in motion, work-life is all about sitting at a desk. With work moving onto the online platform, a laptop or computer feels like an extended arm. However, the standard style of sitting at a desk is rudimentary. Either your back is not straight, or your neck is bent forward, or even worse is when there is no support under your hands. Bad posture leads to various diseases in the body and is unhealthy for the system. The South Korean company, Moiin Group, encashes the opportunity to invent an all-around desk-chair combination and made their product Robodesk. 

About the Moiin Group

Founded in the year 2002, the Moiin Group works tirelessly to improve the quality of life for people. Equipped with a well-read and thorough research and development team, this company is a pioneer in creating motion-sensor-related products. This group has expertise in fields such as gaming, transfer technology, and furniture. All their products are future-smart and designed to make you healthy while performing routine activities. One of their outstanding products is Robodesk. 

The Features And Benefits Of Robodesk

As the name suggests, this desk uses robotics techniques to help the user have a life-changing experience. While this may sound like just another product but this desk is spectacular on a different level. It may look like a robot about to stand up and start walking but look closely, and you will realize it is a chair with an attached desk and stationed on a pedestal. The motive of this desk is to align the body to its natural structure while letting one carry on with their online chores. 

It has a monitor design complying with VESA specification; any monitor of VESA standard is compatible with this chair. The stem that hangs the monitor works on the technology called a linear actuator. It has a keyboard linked to the monitor. The armrest of the chair is a control system for activating the message feature. The chair doubles as a recliner and has an additional desk to the right side. This desk has a chair control panel and a USB port. 

This equipment is luxurious as well as stylish. Scientists at the Moiin Group have deciphered that the best angle for the spin to the body when sitting is 35 degrees and not 90 degrees. Also, the angle between the keyboard and the vertical plane should be 35 Degree and not 90 Degree. Robodesk works on this research and gives the ideal reclined position to the spine. The chair is made with an agronomical design and with skin-friendly fabric. 


The angles of this chair put no pressure on the spine and the wrist, thus preventing lifelong diseases. The chair has zero gravity, which means you can adjust it at the angle you choose. It even has a massage function to unwind after some serious work. Another advantage of this equipment is that people of all ages can use it. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, this chair has a memory function that saves time. 

Uses of the Robodesk

Robodesk has multiple uses in a variety of locations. It complies with all international standards and is ideal for airports, where people may want to work online while waiting for their next flight. Robodesk would increase work output in offices and keep the spine healthy. One could even install it at home and have a pleasant work-from-home environment. Internet cafes stand to benefit from this device and charge a premium for its use. One of its best features is that you can fold it to store away when not in use. 

In the End

Making work fun and healthy is the motive behind Robodesk. Not only is this device designed to keep you fit and active, but it will also keep you focused. Consider investing in it and experience working on a desktop in a different light.    

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