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SOONNOC – Korean Beauty Startup with Pure & Natural Skin Care Product Formulations

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SOONNOC Co. Ltd. is a Korean beauty startup revolutionizing skincare cosmetics. The K-beauty brand is known for its cleansers and toners mainly. There are other products in the range as well that tackle other skin problems. The unique feature of the SOONNOC products is that they are all-natural and contain only skin-friendly ingredients. 

SOONNOC Philosophy 

The brand aims to solve skin problems by using only natural and skin-friendly ingredients in its formulations. SOONNOC promises to exclude any harmful ingredient and create only the safest and most effective products for your skin. 

SOONNOC comes from two words – SOON, which means Pure, and NOC which translates to Melts. All the SOONNOC products are pure, as there are no excess ingredients in the formulations. The focus is on using natural and pure ingredients in all the products. The products from this K-beauty startup just melt right into your skin and offer the best absorption!

All of the products are designed by cosmetics experts who are continually searching for natural ingredients to make the best natural products. 

SOONNOC product formulations are effective on the skin and can get rid of concerns like fine dust. The brand aims to create products that are natural compositions without having any excess ingredients. 

SOONNOC Sensitive Cleansing Milk

It’s a moist cleansing milk that can remove sebum from your pores. The Sensitive Cleansing Milk is a mild formulation with 1-2 EWG skin-grade ingredients. 

SOONNOC Sensitive Cleansing Milk

It is the company’s most popular product against the fine dust and other grime on your face. The cleansing milk can also help in blackhead removal, exfoliation, and makeup removal. This is perfect if you are facing any of these problems and have a sensitive skin type. 

Fine dust can cause dryness, itchiness, and leave a residue even after washing the face. SOONNOC Sensitive Cleansing Milk can remove this fine dust, unlike other cleansers in the market. 

SOONNOC Aqua Cleansing Bar

You can cleanse your face with this pure green cleansing bar. SOONNOC Aqua Cleansing Bar is a soothing cleansing bar that can help in blackhead removal, removing dead skin cells, and leaving your skin clear and refreshed. 

SOONNOC Aqua Cleansing Bar

The cleansing bar contains highly concentrated aloe, baobab leaves, argan fruit extract, and other three natural ingredients. They give the bar its cleansing and soothing properties. It also contains 62% rich moisture essence like aloe vera extract, hyaluronic acid, etc. that can maintain a moist skin after cleansing.

You can also use this cleansing bar for makeup removal at the end of the day. The Aqua Cleansing Bar also has moisturizing effects, which ensures that your skin won’t be dry after the cleansing. 

Other Skin Care Products from SOONNOC

Other than the skincare product range, the K-beauty brand also offers personalized skin consulting services. The service aims to solve your skin problems by providing consultation, management methods, tips, and more. 

You can get consultations through their website or other social media channels. The company maintains the consultation records and uses them for product development and advancing consultation services. 

SOONNOC products are available on the company’s website and other e-commerce stores like Amazon, Olive Young, and Beauty Hall.

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