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K-Beauty Brand ViveLab & It’s Effective Hair Care Products!

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ViveLab is a K-beauty brand from a Korean startup SOONNOC that is making its place in the Korean beauty industry. It makes effective hair care products whose formulations include their ten patented ingredients. And all these products are backed by studies from some of the top researchers in the product field. ViveLab is making its space in the beauty industry by taking on the common problem of thin eyebrows and repairing severely damaged hair!

Brand Philosophy 

Vive comes from the word ‘Revive.’ The brand philosophy focuses on revival and recovery and works on solving the customer’s problems from its roots. The brand aims to restore the health of hair and skin from all the effects of pollution, stress, and irritation. 

All the products are formulated with ingredients from all around the world that are effective and efficient. The best products come from excellent collaboration with researchers with long-standing know-how and expertise in the field. The best part, the results are well supported by patents and clinical trials! 

ViveLab Revive Therapy Hair Brow Lash Serum

ViveLab Revive Therapy Hair Brow Lash Serum is an effective eyelash care solution. It can work on thinning and short eyelashes to give them more length, volume, and even curl! 

It is ideal for people with thin eyelashes, light eyebrows, and even receding hairline. All this comes from malnutrition during the growing period. Typically, the eyelashes, eyebrows, and hairline grow and fall out periodically. During the growing period, they need enough nutrients. 

ViveLab’s ten patented ingredients provide the essential nutrients to hair follicles during the growth period. It is the result of 30 years of research by Ja-woon Cho, Research Institute Director, who found the optimal blending ratio of all the ingredients. 

You can see the results just after two weeks of usage. 

So, say bye-bye to thin eyelashes and eyebrows! 

ViveLab Revive Therapy Ultra Protein Repair Hair Pack

The hair pack is perfect for you if you are worried about any hair damage. Your hair can become weak and get extremely damaged because of stress, frequent hair coloring, hair treatment, perm, or even hair styling equipment. 

ViveLab Revive Therapy Ultra Protein Repair Hair Pack

Hair damage accumulates slowly increases gradually. It starts with nutritional loss, leading to offshoots, and resulting in broken and damaged hair. At the time of nutritional loss, if there isn’t proper nutrition, it can lead to irreversible breaks and damage. 

Revive Therapy Ultra Protein Repair Hair Pack Ingredients

The most common (80%) reason for hair damage is protein loss. It makes the hair more vulnerable to friction and irritation caused by any of the hair products and styling appliances. The remaining 20% comes from the loss of moisture and other minerals and amino acids.

To tackle the intensely damaged hair, Revive Therapy’s solution is to treat the scalp with ten patented ingredients and 20 other protein and nutritional ingredients. 

The patented ingredients care of the damaged hair with the ViveLab Revive Therapy Ultra Protein Repair Hair Pack’s “Grow Tech” technology. The other ten proteins deeply nourish the hair by supplying nutrients and providing cuticle damage improvement. These include three plant-derived low-molecular proteins and six other proteins that effectively supply nutrition to damaged hair. 

It also contains a natural moisturizing factor derived from coconut that delivers moisture supply to the hair. Argan oil and two other oils protect and improve cuticles. A functional combination of four vitamin ingredients works on improving hair elasticity. 

Along with all the nutritional benefits, the ViveLab Revive Therapy Ultra Protein Repair Hair Pack delivers long-lasting fragrance. It has a base note of white musk and Amyris wood layered with notes of fresh fruit honey, jasmine petals, and rose. 

ViveLab Revive Therapy Ultra Protein Repair Hair Pack is a simple solution that does not require hair washing. Just apply over towel-dried wet hair and let it dry, and you’re done! You can see an immediate improvement within 5 minutes after use. 

It can give a much-needed shine to rough hair and can also un-tangle hair. 

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