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Korean startup Botanicsens naturally improving your skin from within

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Botanicsens, a Korean startup has launched a beauty care regime completely based on science. It is quite a popular beauty brand not only in Korea but all over the world.

What makes Botanicsens different?

For all product formulations, Botanicsens uses natural ingredients. These ingredients naturally help in strengthening skin cells.  The star ingredient in Botanicsens beauty care products is Ionone. It is a compound found in flowers and fruits as an aroma compound. When applied on the skin, Ionone gets absorbed quickly and reaches the collagen creating layers of the dermis and it promotes collagen synthesis indirectly. This new collagen eventually firms the skin layer.

Unlike many other skincare products, Botanicsens does not contain the ingredients needed for improving skin. It has developed the technology that induces the skin to create the required ingredients for its repair. This natural repair method gives natural strength back to the skin and makes it more resilient. The compounds used in Botanicsens products are unique compounds that induce the signals in turn associated with executing natural functions of pathways like collagen synthesis, hyaluronic acid synthesis, and many more. All these mechanisms are activated from within and no additional compounds are added.

Product Range

Botanicsens creates a variety of products including body oil, body wash, hand cream, sun cream, body cream, and many others.

With the tag line “Scent to boost your skin”, Botanicsens products are based on the effectiveness of aroma compounds from plants. The startup wants to lead a new paradigm in dermatology and skincare with the type of products no one has seen before.

Ionone Body Oil

It is a body oil for making your skin firm and moisturized and exfoliation. This body oil can transform your rough skin into smooth soft skin. It has anti-aging and body lifting effects that make you look firmer, and it keeps the skin moisturized. Ionone Body Oil is made with the patented Ionone aroma compounds using the TSPARK’s technology. It also contains various botanical oils that help in protecting and refreshing your skin for longer periods of time. This oil is free of paraben, GMO, and any other skin irritation compound making it ideal for people with sensitive skin. The signature scent of this Botanicsens product was crafted by PERFUMELIFER’s Sungmin Lee. It has a woody musky scent that includes jasmine, roses, lilies, violets, and cyclamen.

Ionone Body Cream

This body cream can make your skin firm and keep it moisturized. It can transform your rough skin into soft smooth skin. Ionone Body Cream is Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Aging, and a body lifting cream made with patented Ionone aroma compounds. The moisturizing body cream’s texture permeates the skin with a mild and moist texture. It has a virus type of scent which includes floral notes of orchids, lilies, and freesias.

Ionone Body Wash

A body wash designed to deeply cleanse your skin from any dust, grime, and any build up in your pores. You will get moist and smooth skin even after a shower. It has a white liquid type feel with a smooth texture that creates bubbles that are gentle on your skin. This body wash has a sophisticated and rich signature aroma with a fruity type of scent. It is made of floral notes including orchids, lilies, roses, and magnolia.

Ionone Hand Cream

It is an anti-wrinkle cosmeceutical skincare product that helps in maintaining silky and healthy hands. This cream has a smooth and silky texture which absorbs quickly and keeps your skin nourished. It contains plant extracts that make hands healthy and it gently protects them. It also keeps your hands smooth and moist after application. The hand cream has a light and refreshing texture and a delicate aroma. It is based on a mixture of the delicate scent of flowers and musk.


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