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Best Fall Makeup Trends from K-Beauty

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Fall is about the transition from summer to winter, and even Mother Nature changes color to thank the Sun for its light. With leaves on trees turning a crisp golden, you too should change your look from the no-makeup summer style. It’s time to bid adieu to the hot summer sun that makes you want to hide your face. Autumn is knocking at your door, asking you to embrace it with a skip in your step and gorgeous makeup trends. Every offering from the K-Beauty industry is a trendsetter in its own right when it comes to Fall makeup. Their autumn looks are here and are to die for. Here are some of the hottest makeup trends for this Fall season, along with K-beauty products that can help you achieve them. 

K-Beauty Fall Makeup Trends for 2021

Lips That Make a Statement

It is time to get sassy with the lip colors this fall. Bring out those red and orange shades and go bold. Not only colors, but the lip liner is back. Define your lips with a matte liner and complement it with vibrant colors to fill your lips. Pick from the below products for this style. 

Lip Liner

The Face shops bring you many options in the Lip Liner segment. However, their Creamy Touch Lip Liner comes in six shades that match this fall trend perfectly well. Classic colors like Pink, deep red, brown, amongst others, will not let you go wrong with this product. 


The Face Shop also brings you Ink Tattoo tints for your lips, making them look luscious and desirable. This product comes in eight shades, ranging from Pink to bed. Their Fiesta Red, Burgundy Punch, and Tropical Pink are the best to flaunt this fall. 

Earthy Looking Base

2021 is all about keeping things earthy and grounded. The fall trends also embody this feeling, and terracotta colors make a comeback this time. Whether it is the blush or a bronzer, everything must harness the colors of the earth. Browns, nudes, coppers, and brick reds are in vogue and give a glow to the face. Set your makeup with a brick red lip color. 


3CE Face Blush Mood Blossom edition is the top choice this season. This blush comes in five shades that range from rose pink to brick red, and you need to use it according to your skin tone. These lively and creative colors will help you create the trends for the season.

Let The Eyes Talk

Autumn is all about the mild chill in the air and the eerie sounds that the falling leave make. Shine bright in this atmosphere with vibrant eye-makeup that makes them speak the language of your heart. Experiment with shades like green and blue to create the new Smokey eye look and make heads turn at the next party. Shiny eyeshadows are also trending this season which makes your eyes look less tired and bright. 


MINEST has the most appropriate set of eye shadow palettes for you this season. With three contrasting shiny colors sets, this brand promises to give you bright and shiny eyes. The first one is a combination of sharp pink and gold pearl shades, and the second palette comes with gold, pink and shiny orange colors. The third palette houses a bright red shade with silver, gold, and brown pearl combination. 

Graphic Liner

Kitten Liners are the top-up on the eyes trend this fall. Eye lines define the eyes and make them look bigger or sassier. You could go for the flick liner or a thick bold style. Whichever you select, compliment the color with the eye shown to create a fulfilling look. 

Eye Liner

Tony Moly Back Gel Miracle Fit Liners make for the ideal choice as they come in ten shades. These smooth and easy-to-glide liners enhance your eyes and create a mysterious look with their vibrant colors. The Gel makes the product application smooth and water-resistant. 

In The End!

While you can select any color makeup for yourself, trends allow people to try on a different look and experience this style. You may find a color that suits you better than the others, go for the fall trends this year, and find out something new about yourself. 

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