ichrogene – A Korean Startup Offering DNA Trait Analysis

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ichrogene, a Korean healthcare startup, is a one-stop destination to find about your traits, the health of your intestine, and insights on the same!

The need for personalized and accurate healthcare systems is increasing every day, especially in DNA analysis and human gut microbiome analysis. These medical practices might sound complicated, but there are some healthcare services to make it easier. It strives to bring the best services for the customers. One such accurate and reliable healthcare service provider in the field is ichrogene. One-stop destination to find about your traits, health of your intestine, and insights on the same. Here is how you can sign up for free and get the service from the comfort of your home.

About the Company – ichrogene

ichrogene is a leading healthcare company based in South Korea led by Youngah Shin and a team with more years of expertise in bioinformatics and genomics. This Korean-based company provides accurate services like DNA trait analysis and human gut microbiome analysis. ichrogene is a well-reputed service provider that serves millions of people with science-baked data and analysis to help the users lead a healthy life.

These tests are essential for some legal terms and also for analysis of traits. You can get these high-end technology services from ichrogene, as they are on the way to building a world-class bio-banking system to create a secure genome-based platform. These platforms will be easily accessible, and the users can get the whole personal DNA data most securely.

DNA Analysis

The services offered by ichrogene are top-rated and very much appreciated by the customers. The company provides precise DNA analysis based on the data you provide while signing up for the service; it provides a seamless experience till the end. You get complete data and analysis of your DNA. The best part is you can update the data or get these services without sampling fresh DNA, except for some services that would require new DNA samples. You can get the best of services from ichrogene as they use state-of-the-technology to provide the users with concise and accurate analysis of their DNA.

Registering yourself for the service is easy; you need to type down your information with a DNA sample file and answer a few questions. You can get the report free of cost, and it also shows 60 unique traits and insights related to your genotype. The reports also show the level of risk levels and also the relevance of genotype.

Microbiome Analysis

ichrogene provides microbiome analysis to its users, and it is highly essential to know about your gut health. With accurate analysis of the gut, you can narrow down what is essential for your stomach and what you should avoid or include in your diet. There are almost 10,000 species of microbes living in the intestine. Your gut health depends on how well the microbes live together. This analysis can help you filter the good bacteria and find out the good probiotic elements for your diet.

This microbiome analysis functions with proper microbiome strains and then proceeds with an accurate report. You can get these services online or in South Korea, but you can avail of these services in the United States under the name iSearchme. The microbiome analysis shows the diversity of microbes in the intestine, normally less diversity means decreased health of intestines and high chances of inflammatory diseases. 

The accurate analysis of the gut and microbes help you prevent diseases like obesity, allergies, ulcerative colitis, etc. You can trust the service providers as they use high-end technology to secure the data, and they will never leak them at any cost.


You can know about your traits level, risk, and other data through a detailed report for free. It will only cost you to get the DNA file to get from some other service. But as far as the rest of the procedures, they are free of cost. It is very accurate and provides intelligent insights on genotype and microbiomes. The report and analysis from the ichrogene are 100% accurate and filled only with scientific facts. The world’s best DNA and microbiome analysis is just one click away. You can access them through the company’s website or the app. The public relations service is also excellent, and you get the best analysis and accurate scientific information of your DNA and gut health.

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