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Everything You Need for An At-Home Korean BBQ

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If you are craving Korean barbeque but do not want to spend money at a pricy restaurant, then enjoy Korean BBQ at home with some excellent Amazon finds!

A Korean barbeque may be new to non-Koreans out here, but its roots are set deep in history. Korean BBQ uses charcoal and a grill to cure meat. Multiple restaurants now have the option for you to order a Korean barbeque. The food is piping hot and accompanied by healthy sides like Kimchi. If you are craving Korean BBQ food but do not want to spend money at a pricy restaurant, then we have the answer. There are now home-based BBQ machines that will allow you to create a personal Korean barbeque experience. You can install them on your dining table and create a unique experience for the entire family.  

What is Korean Barbeque and Its History?

This cooking method involves a grill with coal, meat (mostly beef, pork), sauces, banchan (side dishes), and drinks to go with it. The marinated meat is commonly called Bulgogi and primarily uses beef. The shreds of evidence of a Korean barbeque date back to 37BC. While the meat’s size, texture, and taste have changed over the years, Bulgogi is still the favorite meat. To set up the Korean-style barbecue at home, you will need the following. 

  • Thinly sliced meat
  • Tools to grill
  • Marinades and sauces
  • Banchan
  • Drinks and desserts

Looking at all sections will help you get the maximum out of your Korean barbeque. Look below for understanding these individually. 

The Meat or Vegetable

A specialty of Korean barbeque is that all meat must sit in a marinade overnight. An authentic Korean BBQ uses dry-aged beef. The technique of age dry beef is an old tradition in Korea. Now with the availability of freezers, aged beef has become better in quality. Popularly used meats in a Korean BBQ are pork, beef, pork jowl, short ribs, and beef brisket. If you don’t want to do the cutting, you could get Korean BBQ special pre-cut meat at an Asian grocery store.  

korean bbq at home

Though the traditional style of Korean food always uses meat, vegetables are grilled to wrap the meat when eaten. Thus, you can also find people grilling onions, mushrooms, romaine lettuce, and zucchinis along with beef.  

Tools and Grill

The grill is the vital gear for any barbeque. Buy one from the market that can sit in the middle of your table and let everyone take part when grilling the food. It becomes a fun family activity, and you get delicious food at the end. You would need a stove and some tongs to turn the meat and take it out. If you are an expert with chopsticks, then you could also use them to turn your food over on the grill. Arrange a few bowls for serving the side dishes and the sauces. You will need a brush from putting on the marinade and a sharp knife or scissor for cutting meat into thin slices during your home Korean barbecue.  

korean bbq at home

Marinades and Sauces

Korean food uses a lot of sesame seed oil and soya bean paste. Hence marinades also have a base of either of these two oils. They use honey along with garlic and hot chilies to add flavor to the sauces and marinades. This combination balances out the palate and spreads the flavor all over your taste buds. You could search online for recipes for marinades or purchase them at the Asian store near you. Many companies make pre-prepared sauces and marinades that are meat-specific, like the Bulgogi sauce.

Banchan (Side Dish)

While the star here is the meat component, side dishes in a Korean barbeque are equally important. At a restaurant, you get these in small bowls along with your meat component. The concept of Banchan originated from the fact that Korea was an agriculturally run country. Korean people mastered the art of fermenting vegetables to elongate their shelf life. When the Buddhist culture spread through Korea in 57 BCE, vegetarianism also came in, and people mostly did not eat non-veg. After centuries the ban on eating non-vegetarian food was removed when the Mongols came to power. Several generations had already adopted vegetarian food by then, and this gradually found its way into the Korean barbeque as a side dish. 

You could either serve a spicy cucumber salad called Oi Muchim or Japchae at home, which is fried glass noodles. Make these sides a night before to get the best flavor. Some people even like to grill their side dish on the meat to incorporate its oil in the side dish. Try to test the best side dish combination for you and enjoy this healthy meal. 

Drinks And Desserts

In the end, wash this delectable meal with a glass of Korean rice wine or SojuBeer, or any non-alcoholic beverage, is also an excellent option to take your taste away from the saltiness that comes with Korean food. Pick a drink of your choice, and it would work as a cherry on the cake, with a well-done Korean Barbeque. 

korean bbq at home
To Conclude

If you are a fan of Korean food, now is the time to set up your Korean home BBQ. It is fascinating to learn and understand the culture and traditions of other countries. Your family and friends will always want to hang out at your place and enjoy your piping hot Korean barbecue.      

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