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Lululab’s “LUMINI PM” Smart Mirror For Personalized Skin Diagnoses

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LUMINI PM by LuluLab, a K-startup, is a smart mirror hub that AI beauty technology and works as your personal skincare assistant by recommending cosmetics, homecare devices, and more based on user’s personalized data.

When you think of skincare and innovation, you think of South Korea. The country is widely popular for its citizens’ porcelain-smooth skin and unrelenting inventive genius. With the global exposure to K-beauty, Korean culture and lifestyle, and K-tech at an all-time high, South Korea has quickly emerged as a worldwide pioneer in these fields. 

It should come as no surprise that when they put skincare and technology together, the results embody true innovation. That is the case with Lululab’s Lumini PM, the personalized smart mirror that was recently recognized as an Honoree at the CES Innovation Awards 2021.

Rooted in Innovation: Lululab’s Origins

Korean technological innovation has become synonymous with Samsung. The group has been pioneering research & development efforts in the country since its inception. Created in 2012, Samsung’s C-Lab is the incubation ground where novel inventions and technological advancements flourish. This is where Lululab began as an internal project at C-Lab. 

Founder & CEO Yongjoon Choe, who worked as a Creative Leader in Samsung, initiated the development of an AI Skincare Assistant that uses image processing and artificial intelligence to accurately scan and analyze facial skin and recommend personalized skincare products based on the data gathered. 

After a single year of incubation, Lululab spun off into a beauty AI startup in 2017 and took on Sangwook Yoo as its CTO. 

The very next year, they unveiled their first smart beauty device: the Lumini.

“Lumini”- First AI Facial Skincare Assistant by LuluLab

Debuting at CES in 2018, the Lumini was introduced as a smart facial skincare assistant. Choe’s research inspired the device at Harvard Medical University involving genome sequencing and skin data analysis. 

At its nascent stages, the Lumini used a multispectral camera that captures and analyzes the features of your face. This information passes on to the AI algorithm for an accurate diagnosis to reveal issues such as acne and melasma. The device would then recommend skincare products that you should use in order to treat those skin issues. The Lumini was a culmination of years of research and innovation. 

However, there was one small problem; you couldn’t buy it. Not then, anyway. Lumini was grounded in a combination of image processing and AI capabilities. 

LuluLab spent a few more years perfecting their product to make it available to the public, and that effort was what created the Lumini PM, a smart mirror hub that connects your phone, mirror, and home.

Lumini PM: The Smart Personal Mirror

Revealed to the world at CES 2021, Lumini PM is your one-stop service platform for beauty and skincare by LuluLab. The Lumini PM has a 3-Step AI Skincare model, much like its predecessor, that harnesses the deep learning capabilities of AI to produce accurate skin diagnoses. 

lululab lumini

Its automatic face detection and light correction technologies capture your entire facial skin for optimal, accurate analysis. The analysis penetrates through to your inner skin, and the AI algorithm then rates your skin across six different categories: Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Redness, Pores, Sebum and Inflammation. Depending on this rating, it finds you skincare products, cosmetics and beauty devices that are ideal to treat and nourish your skin type. 

The mirror component of the Lumini PM looks like a Galaxy S5, a fitting tribute to Lululab’s roots. Lumini PM’s actual marketability, however, lies in its convenient compatibility with your smartphone.

Lumini PM Is A Community-Driven Personal Smart Mirror

Competitive brands and conglomerates have realized that today’s consumer is constantly looking for 3 things: convenience, engagement, and personalization. For instance, Samsung’s BESPOKE range is a testament to this sentiment, with their tagline ‘for you, by you.’ Moreover, we have seen many K-tech innovators encourage the creation of communities derived from the use of their products, as they believe this to be the most engaging method of piquing (and keeping) their audience’s interest. LuluLab is of the same opinion.

The Lumini PM by LuluLabcomes with its own application. The data that the smart mirror records are transferred to this app, which then runs its analysis and makes recommendations. Another significant component of the app is its community feature. Users will be able to share their diagnosis on the application, allowing them to connect with other users who suffer from the same skin issues. It will be extremely helpful in facilitating healthy discussions and relationship-formation between people with the same issues. The community can also act as a feedback chamber for Lumini PM and its recommendations, encouraging constant innovation.

A Distinguished Choice For Smart Home Owners

Smart Home technology isn’t just for lighting, air conditioning, smart appliances, and home security. The most effective use of Smart Home tech comes with the practicality of application. 

Then, it is unsurprising that the Lumini PM was designated an Honoree at the 2021 CES Innovation Awards in the Smart Home category

This marked the third time in 4 years that Lululab’s innovations received acclaim at CES, with the last two honors coming in the Biotech and Health & Wellness categories in 2019 & 2020, respectively.

What’s Next For Lumini PM & Lululab

A skincare device that helps pinpoint your skin issues based on years of research and terabytes of processed data is already a technological marvel. Still, Lululab isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon. 

South Korean companies are increasingly focusing on personalizing their products to their consumers, and this will be a crucial area of focus of Lumini’s luminaries. 

We will focus on researching and developing more innovative models in advance of market changes by providing not only home aesthetic devices but also customized services to maximize consumers’ lifestyle and their convenience,” said Yongjoon Choe in January 2021 interview. 

There is no official confirmation on the release date or retail price of the LuluLab Lumini PM, but expect it to take the beauty world by storm when it drops.

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