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Korean Skin Care Tips for Cold Weather

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As the temperature falls, the skin becomes dry, flaky, you will feel tightness, tenderness, itchiness, and the complexion becomes dull or sallow. In some extreme cases, it can become raw, cracked, and painful. To avoid all that discomfort, you need some Korean skin care tips and products to deal with the cold weather wherever you are in the world!

Cold Weather Skin Care Tips

With winter right next door, a few tips will help in keeping your skin healthy and nourished. You can adapt your winter skin care routine with some of these simple yet effective tips to prevent dry and cracked skin.

Oil Mists

Just like in summer we use facial mists to cool and hydrate our face throughout the day, for winters it is preferable to use an oil mist. It contains oil which adds an extra boost of moisture. Many types of oils in mists vary greatly so you can find the one that works best for your skin type and concern.

Sunscreen is not just for summers

It is a common misconception we don’t need SPF in winters. Although UVB rays are weaker during winter, the UVA rays are strong throughout the year. They can cause fine lines, UV damage, aging, and can even exacerbate dryness.

Exfoliation is important

It is vitally important to incorporate the exfoliation step in your winter Korean skin care routine as it can facilitate the absorption and penetration of other Korean winter skin care products. This includes serums, creams, and any other hydrating products you might use in your skincare routine.

Ultimately it is important to follow a winter-focused Korean skin care routine so that your skin can get the best benefits. Use winter-approved products such as a creamy cleanser, hydrating toner, oil mists, and buttery cream.

Korean Winter Skin Care Products

Here are some of our recommendations for Korean winter skin care products that you can add to your skin care routine for a soft and smooth skin in cold weather.

Banila Co. Clean it Zero

An oil cleanser that is effective yet gentle when your skin is being affected by all the winter elements. It can remove all the oil-based debris, makeup products, and clean out your pores to give you a clear complexion. It is a gentle cleanser that is ideal for the extremely cold winter months when your skin gets super dry.

banila clean it zero

D’Alba Piedmont White Truffle First Spray Serum

An ideal face mist for dry and combination skin types. It contains avocado oil that moisturizes the skin, which is much needed in cold weather.

D’Alba Piedmont White Truffle First Spray Serum

Missha All-Around Safe Block Essence Sun Milk

A SPF50+ cream to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Missha All-Around Safe Block Essence Sun Milk

Mizon Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel

It can gently exfoliate any thin and loose skin causing no irritation or discomfort. It is not abrasive like many others and this Korean winter skin care product perfect to use during winters on dry skin.

Mizon Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel for cold weather skin care

The Face Shop Mango Seed Facial Butter

The Face Shop Mango Seed Facial Butter is a skin ambrosia in jar. It does not feel too heavy but seals in moisture perfectly. It is one of the best Korean creams for your winter skin care.

The Face Shop Mango Seed Facial Butter for winter korean skin care

Besides all these, plug in a humidifier to deal with the lack of humidity in the air and indoor heating. Humidifiers can help in keeping your skin moist, along with all the Korean winter skin care products.

These are only some of the Korean winter skin care products that you can use as the list is quite extensive otherwise. The most important cold weather skin care tip is to prevent excessive drying of your skin by using the Korean skin care products that can keep it moisturized in every step.

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