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Slugging – A Trending Korean Skincare Craze

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Koreans have found a way to stay ahead of the world in the beauty game. They believe in creating lasting solutions to skin problems. One of the newer fads in the Korean skincare industry comes in the form of slugging. From the term itself, you can guess that it has slimy intentions. Well, you are right. This technique is a new trend in Korea, and while some people swear that it works, others are still trying to understand d the basics of it. This article will look into the technique of Slugging, its details, and options. 

What is Slugging?

The process of applying a thick layer of Vaseline on one face right before going to bed is known as Slugging. While it may sound absurd, this technique claims to provide the unapparelled moisture barrier to your skin and not let it lose any water. You get super plump and dewy skin which radiates freshness. The process here is to complete your regular night-time skincare routine and then slap on petroleum jelly in a thick layer on your face. 

Pros And Cons of This Process

Like everything new, this process has also gathered a lot of speculation. While people are finding it adequate, a few industry experts are condemning this process. To list it down, here are the pros and cons of this process. 

Its pros include a cost-effective product. Even if you apply a lot of it, you won’t burn your pocket. Another reason to give it a try is the result that people have observed after using it. Some say they got plump skin that no other product gave them. The logic behind this technique states that your skin loses moisture from its lowers layer when you sleep. With this water gone, the face feels dry in the morning and causes excessive sebum secretion. This excess section eventually gives you acne and marks. Hence this technique will prevent all this from happening and give you youthful skin. 

However, the section of beauty experts that find this process hyped-up has its reasons. Firstly, Korea advocates clean skincare, and using Vaseline means consuming more petroleum-based products. Manufacturing this product causes harm to the environment, which in turn spoils the effort of the industry to maintain its standards. Secondly, applying a thick layer of this jelly will not allow the skin to breathe and let bacteria escape. Trapping the bacteria means over-exerting the sebum gland, and this could eventually lead to the same problem. Using this technote, you risk your skin getting damaged beauce of the trapped bacteria, and it is not a successful method. 

In the End!

Due to the environmental damage it causes and the long-term harmful effects on the skin, this technique is not suitable. People with oily skin need to stay as far away from it as possible. Experts suggest using other products that create the same effect on your skin but leave some breathing space. Products with Hyaluronic acid stand as a classic example of these. This ingredient and ceremide’s act as the best solution to breathable products. Using these will give you a fresher-looking face without the worry of bacteria and acne. 

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