Discover the Global Hits: Top 10 Korean Dramas of 2023 from the 2024 Overseas Hallyu Survey

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Following the list of the top 7 Korean movies that gained fame throughout 2023 based on the 2024 overseas hallyu survey, we will now present the top 10 Korean dramas that captivated audiences globally. Is your favorite one among them? Let’s delve in to find out!

Top 10 Globally-Loved Korean Dramas of 2023 from the 2024 Overseas Hallyu Survey

Top 10 Popular Korean Dramas Overseas in 2023 | Netflix, Disney+, tvN, JTBC.

TOP Kdramas List

10. All of Us Are Dead

At number ten is the zombie-themed series “We Are All Dead.” The story unfolds in a high school that becomes the epicenter of a zombie virus outbreak. Trapped students, lacking survival skills, must fight to save their lives and to avoid becoming one of them. Even though the series finished in 2022, people still talked about it in 2023 due to the upcoming new season.

9. True Beauty

The 2020 rom-com “True Beauty” is the ninth most popular drama worldwide in 2023. It features Moon Ga Young, Cha Eun Woo, Park You Na, and Hwang In Youp. The series follows Lim Ju Gyeong, an ordinary high school student who excels in makeup. She hides her bare face from everyone except Lee Su Ho, the handsome yet aloof schoolmate who has seen her without makeup. She fears her friends may abandon her when they see her bare face. 

8. Moving

Disney’s “Moving” secured the eighth position as the top-ranking Korean drama internationally in 2023. This series is based on Kang Full’s webtoon with the same title. It blends various genres, such as fantasy, romance, and sci-fi.

The narrative revolves around children who strive to conceal the exceptional powers they have inherited. Simultaneously, their parents do everything to protect their children and their secret powers from people who want to exploit their unique abilities.

7. Doona!

Netflix’s “Doona!” is adapted from the webtoon “The Girl Downstairs” by Min Song Ah. This drama marks Yang Se Jong’s return to the screen following his military discharge. He stars alongside Suzy in this romantic drama, which also serves as Suzy’s comeback after “Anna” and her singing role in Netflix’s series “Dream High.”

The storyline depicts the love story between Lee Do Na, a well-known figure, and Lee Won Joon, a college student. At first, she mistakes him for her obsessive fan, while he is unaware of her identity. However, as they live in the same house, they begin to learn about each other.

6. Daily Dose of Sunshine

Netflix’s “Daily Dose of Sunshine” is a Korean drama based on the webtoon “Morning Comes to Psychiatric Wards Too” by a real nurse, Iraha. Starring Park Bo Young, Yeon Woo Jin, Jang Dong Yoon, and Lee Jung Eun, this series highlights the importance of mental health.

The story follows Jung Da Eun, a nurse who was transferred from the medicine department to neuropsychiatry. While adapting to the new department, she learns a lot from her co-workers and patients. Although she faces difficulties, especially when dealing with patients, she always tries her best to help them. Over time, she learns about the mental health of people around her and herself.

5. Black Knight

Adapted from the webtoon “Black Knight” by Lee Yoon Kyun, this Netflix series combines fantasy, action, adventure, sci-fi, and drama. Marking Kim Woo Bin’s return after a break due to health issues, this drama became a highly anticipated drama by Kdrama fans in 2023.

“Black Knight” is set in 2071, when a global catastrophe has resulted in 99% of the population perishing due to toxic air pollution. The few surviving individuals are confined to their homes, compelled to wear gas masks when venturing outside. Dedicated delivery knights, also known as drivers, take on this critical responsibility to ensure the delivery of essential supplies, such as food and oxygen.

Knight 5-8 is famous among the knights and faces many enemies trying to steal his deliveries. He meets Sa Wol, a refugee who wants to be a knight. Knight 5-8 helps Sa Wol achieve his dream by mentoring him.

4. Crash Landing On You

The 2019 drama “Crash Landing On You” became one of the all-time rom-coms that one must watch at least once. Starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, the drama ranked third for the highest rate of South Korean drama, following “Sky Castle” and “The World of the Married.” 

Besides the impressive story and stunning stars, it gives a rare yet fascinating insight into North Korea and South Korea, especially life and culture in a different political system, attracting global viewers. 

The story follows the love story of a South Korean heiress, Yoon Se Ri, and a North Korean army officer, Ri Jung Hyuk. They meet when she accidentally crashed lands in North Korea while paragliding. Ri Jung Hyuk tries to help her to return to South Korea. However, the tension between their countries causes them to face some difficulties. Over time, the couple grow their feelings for one another.

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3. King the Land

One of the most popular romantic comedy Korean dramas in 2023 on Netflix is “King the Land,” starring Lee Junho and Im Yoon Ah. The story is a romantic comedy about Goo Won and Cheon Sa Rang. Goo Won is from a wealthy group and has it all, while Sa Rang is a simple girl with a bright smile. Goo Won dislikes her smile, thinking it’s fake, but Sa Rang genuinely enjoys her job, where she has sweet childhood memories. Their love story takes a turn when Goo Won asks her out on a date.

Another Netflix original series, “King the Land,” claimed the third position on the list of the most popular Korean dramas in 2023. Starring idol actors Lee Junho from 2PM and Im Yoon Ah from Girl’s Generation, the new rom-com drama in 2023 successfully captivates Korean drama lovers.

The story follows the love story of Goo Won and Cheon Sa Rang. Goo Woon is a Netflix’s King Group that has everything. Meanwhile, Cheon Sa Rang is just an ordinary girl with a bright smile. He hates her smile, thinking it’s just a fake smile. However, Sa Rang smiles a lot as she enjoys her job and is happy to work in a place that gave her childhood sweet memories. Everything changes when Goo Won asks her for a date.

2. The Glory

The Korean drama “The Glory” started in late December 2022 and became the second most-watched drama globally in 2023. Its compelling story has drawn audiences from different countries and sheds light on real-world social issues. The drama has even brought attention to cases of bullying in real life. 

In “The Glory,” the story revolves around a high school student aspiring to be an architect. However, she is forced to give up her dream due to school violence. Years later, she seeks revenge on the perpetrators and bystanders by entering their lives and making them experience the pain she once endured.

1. Squid Game

The 2021 thriller “Squid Game” topped the list of most popular Korean dramas globally in 2023. The “Squid Game” announcement of Season 2 has intrigued many Kdrama fans. Moreover, Netflix has announced the upcoming season’s stellar cast lineup.

Korean drama “Squid Game” follows the story of Seong Gi Hun, who loves gambling. He steals his mother’s savings “and fails” to provide a living for his mother and daughter. However, when he got nothing, “a mysterious man approached him to apply for a traditional Korean games event, where he must compete against 455 other players. If he wins, he can take home a massive prize of 45.6 billion Won. After following the game, he and other participants learn that they will lose their lives when they die.

Is your favorite Korean drama in 2023 included in the top list of Korean dramas based on the 2024 overseas hallyu survey?

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