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5 Best Korean Instant Jjajangmyeon

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Like Korean beauty products, Korean food is also conquering the world. The name Jajangmeon translates into a black bean sauce dish with noodles. This dish has its roots in the Chinese travelers that migrated to Korea many years ago. It is a well-known dish in Korea and has a huge fan following. It is a tradition in many Korean and Chinese households to make noodles from raw materials. However, with life taking the fast route, making noodles at home is not convenient anymore. Korean instant jjajangmyeon noodles solve this problem, and you can now enjoy this dish from the comfort of your couch.

Korean Instant Jjajangmyeon Noodles

Jjajangmyeon Noodles is the new Korean fast food. People order it on a busy workday. Such is the craze that the 14th of April is keen to jjajangmyeon noodles and called Black Day. Single friends get together on this day and eat this dish to mourn their single status. Instant noodles were introduced to Korea by Samyang Ramyung in 1963. This move was to help the hunger cries in the country after the world war. The technology came from Japan, and it became an instant hit. FMCG companies have now combined the dish and instant noodle technology to bring the dehydrated version of this famous dish. 

Paldo Fun and Yum Instant Jjajangmyeon

The original black bean noodles are sweet to taste, and Paldo’s Instant jjajangmyeon noodles taste like an authentic dish. Its packaging is neat, and the sauce comes pre-combined with oil. These noodles are chewy and are a mouthful. The dish is velvety in texture, with noodles coated in the black bean sauce. Try out this brand for a realistic experience of the Korean jjajangmyeon dish.

Korean Instant Jjajangmyeon

NongShim Zha Wang Jjawang Noodles

NongShim is a famous instant noodle brand in South Korea. They make a lot of other products that have quickly become a favorite amongst the masses. These jjajangmyeon noodles are dark and creamy, like a restaurant dish. While the sweet flavor should be the dominant one in black bean noodles, this brand has sesame seed as its overpowering flavor. This taste is from the sesame seed oil, which is the key ingredient of the sauce. If you like an overpowering sesame oil flavor, then this is the one for you. 

NongShim Zha Wang Jjawang Noodles

OTTOGI Jjajang Ramen Noodle

Ottogi’s instant Jjajng noodles are very similar to the original Korean-style black bean noodles. They are rich in the sweet-savory taste that is associated with jjajangmyeon-style Korean noodles. This noodle pack has a mix of vegetables that enhance the core flavor of the product. With 0% cholesterol and fat, these noodles are healthy. They come with an authentic chewy noodle texture and are convenient to make. 

Korean Instant Jjajangmyeon

Paldo Jjajangmen

These instant black bean noodles are more to the liking of children and people who like the sweet flavor. Paldo’s no MSG noodles are healthy and give a pleasant taste. You could go for it if you want to introduce Korean instant jjajangmyeon to someone. 

Korean Instant Jjajangmyeon

Samyang Jjajangmyeon Chajang Noodle 

Coming from the makers of instant noodles in Korea, Samyang’s jjajangmyeon version is the closest to a freshly prepared restaurant dish. The noodles in this product are chewy and thick and come coated with the sauce. The sauce is mildly sweet but not enough to kill the flavor. These noodles are spicy, which makes them different from their competitors. The spice is not strong enough to burn your gut but enough to leave a comfortable spicy sensation on your tongue. The advantage of the added heat is that these noodles are oily, and the spice helps to cut out the grease. 

Samyang Jjajangmyeon Chajang Noodle
In the End!

The jjajangmyeon is a culturally rich dish that is now available even for college students. Pick the right instant noodles, and you will not get disappointed with the final product. Relish the flavors of these black bean noodles and have a blast with your friends. 

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