BON – A Superior Manual Nose Hair Trimmer from Korea

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A new product has arrived in this company’s catalog, and this time, it focuses on other nuances of self-care. Bon is a manual nose hair trimmer that initially came into an idea in 2020. Long story short, the product was finally launched on Kickstarter in January 2022.

Overview of the Company

Royal Metal visited many industrialized countries in 1983 to gain knowledge and resources for developing their own products. The CEO of Royal Metal, Kim Gap-su, and its company Royal Metal started developing nail clippers. Eventually, this company led the global market, and in the 1990s, 82% of all nail clippers were produced by a Korean company. Similarly, The company manually processes the production of Hon and Bon. Hon is the nail clippers, and Bon is the nose hair trimmer. All the hard work and experience of trying a new prototype of products becomes a valuable foundation for Royal Metal. The company has learned from its mistakes, and they are now well-prepared for any issues that can arise in the future.  

What is Bon?

Bon offers a superior and clean trimming solution for your nose hair. It has a unique design that provides a zero-skin contract of the trimmer. They are certain that this claim is patented for the safety structure. As a result, you will not face any kind of discomfort or pain when using this trimmer. 

Manual products provide freedom in how you want to use them, be it a trimmer or anything else. However, electric nose trimmers are a common choice among men. It is because there is no good manual product in the market so far. However, with the introduction of Bon, you can expect highly precise machining that will satisfy the user experience.

The company believes that it can design a product that sets a new standard in the industry. So far, that belief stands firmly with the nose hair trimmer Bon. Now let’s talk about its features. 

bon nose hair trimmer


Bon is here to solve all your nose hair-trimming problems. It is designed to create a seamless experience when you are digging deep into your nostrils. Here are its features

  • Precise and powerful

The cutting technology of Bon is powerful and precise. As a result, it can cut up to 300 hair strands at once.

  • Painless

Bon has a zero-skin contact structure patent, which tells a lot about its safety measures. It has a double-blade safety structure that provides a painless experience when using the product. You can even reach areas that are hard to trim, and still, you won’t get any pain doing it. 

  • Made to travel

Bon is smaller than your debit card and takes up very little space. As a result, you can take it easy when traveling, and you won’t feel any burden of carrying it. It is a perfect alternative to bulky electric products.

In the end

Bon is beneficial for all mankind and grooming. You cannot go wrong with taking care of yourself and your appearance. This Korean start-up has created something useful that you need to check out. 

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