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Koralo – A Delicious Vegan Seafood Startup from Korea

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Korean food-tech startup Koralo is putting vegan fish and seafood alternatives in the market, which are made from microalgae.

It is mesmerizing to know that algae can be delicious and healthy for us. Check out Koralo, a vegan seafood startup that makes fish alternatives using its unique fermentation method. 

What is Koralo?

Koralo is a food-tech startup that creates delicious and nutritious vegan seafood. Seafood is not vegan in its nature, and that is where Koralo comes into play. They have created a fermentation method of making the alternative to fish. The company mimics nature with the help of the traditional fermentation of microalgae. They also patent the fermentation process used by Koralo.

The result from Koralo is delicious and has all the nutrients of seafood. Moreover, the food does not contain any extra ingredients. The company claims no more than five ingredients are in its food.

Koralo serves fish filet that goes with plenty of cuisines and can be a great alternative to fish. As a result, fish lovers can also get used to the cuisines made with the fish filet. It is delicious when you eat it and great for the sea life in the ocean. 

Many food companies have executed the introduction of fish alternatives. However, those are only ready-to-eat food that contains 10 to 25 ingredients. They may taste good but can contain harmful chemicals that are not good for health. On the other hand, Koralo takes care of the nutrients we get from seafood. It ensures that its fish alternatives have the nutrients that seafood provides. 

How did it start?

Seafood is a pivotal part of not just the ocean but the outside as well. There are many things that operate and run because of the ecosystem of the ocean. The sea is full of treasures and makes it wonderful. As a result, we must collectively preserve the sea’s flora and fauna. This is why Koralo was born.

This is the story of a father-daughter morning walk. The walking takes place down the beach. Sina, the daughter, saw algae down the path and asked her father, Guido if he could make food out of it. This was the start of making the fish alternative. Now Koralo is with us, bringing the joy of seafood while preserving the sea life. Along the journey, the founder also took the help of many experts, including Karen and Harishita, who are scientists that helped with the technology behind Koralo.

Karalo Fermentation

Fish are exquisite and delicious that are consumed by almost every part of the world. Moreover, fish have tons of nutrients that they get by eating algae. While fish in itself is full of nutrients, there are also nutrients in the algae. This is where Koralo fermentation comes into play, where it completely eliminates the living fish using the algae to create the alternative. 

koralo startup

The fermentation process of Koralo is the biggest hurdle and main feature of this startup. Just like beer and Yogurt, Koralo makes it food filet using fermentation. It is important to make the alternative fish taste like fish and feels like fish. As a result, the people behind Koralo have put a lot of effort into mimicking the texture and taste of their product.

Final thoughts

The immersive nature of being near the sea has created this startup. The father and the daughter were driven to create a sustainable method to preserve life in the water. The collective innovation and spirit of revolutionizing the food industry with sustaining ocean life was their ultimate goal. 

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