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Snack Your Way through Korean Dramas: Must-Try Popular Korean Treats!

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If you’re a fan of Korean dramas, you’ve probably noticed that Korean food and treats plays a significant role in many scenes. Whether it’s a heartwarming family gathering or a romantic setting, these iconic treats brings the characters together and adds an authentic touch to the storyline. Let’s explore popular Korean snacks that have become iconic in Korean dramas.

Discover the Delectable Korean Snacks That Feature in Your Favorite Dramas

Snack Your Way through Korean Dramas: Must-Try Popular Korean Treats!
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Korean Snacks List

From Yakgwa to Pepero, here is a culinary journey through Korean snacks in dramas.


Firstly, Yakgwa, also known as flower cookies. These traditional Korean honey cookies have appeared in Korean historical dramas like “Alchemy of Souls” and “Love in the Moonlights.” Made with a mixture of honey, sesame oil, and wheat flour, they have a unique and delicious taste. In the dramas, they are often seen during tea ceremonies or as gifts between characters, symbolizing love and friendship.

Kopiko Coffee Candy

Next up is Kopiko Coffee Candy. Although not originally from Korea, this coffee-flavored candy has become a popular staple snack in many Korean dramas. Originating from Indonesia, the coffee candy featured in many popular dramas like “Vincenzo,” “Hometown Cha Cha Cha,” “Taxi Driver,” and “Marry My Husband.” The characters often enjoy this sweet treat during deep conversations or as a pick-me-up during intense situations. Its presence has become a symbol of comfort and familiarity in these dramas.

Orion Choco Pie

In Korean dramas, characters enjoy eating Orion Choco Pie because they love its delicious taste. This popular Korean chocolate pie is filled with soft marshmallows and has become a favorite snack in Korean dramas “Thirty But Seventeen” and “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract.”

Whether it’s a moment of relaxation or a small indulgence, the characters in Korean dramas find great pleasure in savoring the Korean chocolate pie. The irresistible combination of fluffy marshmallows and a rich chocolate coating makes Orion Choco Pie an incredibly satisfying snack. As viewers watch these scenes, they can’t help but develop a craving for this delicious treat.


Moving on to Bungeoppang, a fish-shaped pastry filled with sweet red bean paste. This traditional snack featured in several popular Korean dramas, including “Vincenzo,” “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” and “She Was Pretty.” 

Nostalgic childhood memories often intertwine with this delicious traditional Korean snack. People enjoy it as a popular street food during winter festivals due to its unique character and delightful taste. The appearance of bungeoppang in these dramas adds authenticity and cultural immersion.


Last but not least, we have Pepero, also known as crispy cookie sticks coated in delicious chocolate, one of Korea’s most popular snacks. Koreans celebrate Pepero Day on November 11 (11/11), a special day to share and exchange Pepero sticks. This tradition holds great sentimental value for Koreans.

It has appeared in dramas like “Reply 1994” and “Oh My Venus.” Pepero are stick biscuits coated in chocolate, available in various flavors. Characters often use them as playful props during romantic moments or as an everyday snack, representing friendship, love, and joy in these dramas.

Wrap Up!

These snacks not only add flavor to the stories but also provide viewers with a glimpse into Korean culture. They are essential to Korean daily life and are tied to emotions, relationships, and shared experiences.

Whether you’re a fan of Korean dramas or just curious about Korean snacks, these treats provide a delightful way to experience the richness of Korean cuisine. So, grab your favorite Korean snack and sit back. Enjoy the next episode of your favorite drama while savoring a little taste of Korea.

Ready to indulge in these irresistible snacks while binge-watching your favorite Korean dramas? Which snack are you most excited to try?

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