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“Sunmi Gum”: New Collab Between Orion and Sunmi – Where to Buy?

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Imagine unwrapping your favorite Orion Wow snack and seeing the stunning visual of Kpop soloist Sunmi staring back at you! No, this isn’t a dream. Korean snack company Orion has teamed up with Sunmi for a thrilling new release: “Sunmi Gum.” This delicious treat is part of Sunmi anticipated comeback promotion, “Balloon in Love.” So, what kind of product is “Sunmi Gum” and where to buy this exciting new Orion product? Let’s dive into the details in our latest report!

“Sunmi Gum”: Collab Between Korean Company Orion with Kpop Soloist Sunmi for “Balloon in Love” Comeback

Korean snack company, Orion, is making a breakthrough by following the Kpop collaboration trend with soloist Sunmi. In celebrating the singer’s new comeback, “Balloon in Love,” Orion is releasing a new “Sunmi Gum” product.

So, get ready for a sweet treat that combines your love for Kpop and delicious gum and meet “Sunmi Gum”!

Sunmi gum collab balloon in love Kpop korean company Orion where to buy

“Sunmi Gum” is basically a special edition of Orion Wow Gum Rainbow flavor. Yet, the most intriguing about this new product is that this gum features Sunmi’s photos and handwritten lyrics from her new song.

Moreover, the colorful and vibrant design perfectly matches the bright, charming vibes of Sunmi’s comeback. Not only that, but each box and gum wrapper is also adorned with her unique touch, making every chew a fun, flavorful experience.

So, with every purchase of this “Sunmi Gum,” you do not only buy the fresh, sweet taste of Rainbow Gum. Instead, you will also be soaking in the atmosphere of Sunmi’s new song.

Therefore, you can never miss out on this exciting, limited-edition treat!

Where to Buy the Product?

So, where to buy this adorable sweet “Sunmi Gum” treat?

Unfortunately, “Sunmi Gum” will only be available at various convenience stores in South Korea starting this month.

But the most exciting part is that for a limited time, you can also grab it at Sunmi’s exclusive pop-up store, running from the June 6 to 15, 2024, at the South Atrium on the 1st floor of Hanam Starfield.

Finally, don’t miss out on this limited-edition “Sunmi Gum” that perfectly blends Kpop and deliciousness!

Buy one of this delicious “Sunmi Gum” products at convenience stores in South Korea or at Sunmi’s exclusive pop-up store. Enjoy the taste and charm of Sunmi’s comeback with every chew!

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