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Korean beverages you can buy from Amazon other than tea and soju

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Traditionally, Korean drinks fall into two categories – alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Amongst alcoholic drinks, soju is the Korean national drink. Considering the Korean preference for alcohol, there are 200 other types of non-alcoholic drinks that can be associated with Korean culture. It includes traditional tea, juices, grain-based drinks, and many more.

Here is our list of 10 Korean beverages you can easily purchase from Amazon and experience a bit of Korean culture.


Korean Fruit Vinegar Drink

It is a concentrated set of drinks that includes three tasty sweet and tart mixes – pomegranate, pineapple, and green grape. All these mixes are fruity, tangy, sweet, and refreshing. They can be multi-purpose drink concentrates with added benefits of fruits and vinegar in one bottle.

Cheong Maesil Won Plum Extract
This plum extract’s tart and sweet flavour is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients. It can be a delicious way to detox your body for better health. It is a concentrated extract of Maesil fruit that can make cocktails, iced plum tea, and can even add a twist to your salad dressings and marinating sauces.Maxim Mocha Gold Mild Coffee

Something for coffee lovers all over the world. Although it is an instant coffee, it has a great flavour and aroma. It contains coffee, sugar, and non-dairy creamer.

DAMTUH Instant Roast Grain Latte, Meal Replacement Instant Breakfast

It is a Korean traditional healthy roasted grain drink that is a non-caffeinated drink and can be your meal replacement. This drink is low calorie and highly nutritious which can become a quick and convenient option as breakfast food.

Wild Simulated Ginseng Soymilk

Soymilk made with 100% Korean soybeans and 5-year-old Korean ginseng extract. It also contains seaweed powder to add calcium to soymilk. There are no food additives, sugars, stabilizers, emulsifiers, or any synthetic fragrances in this soymilk.

Binggrae Flavoured Milk Drinks

Flavoured milk with perfect sweetness and it is refreshing. It comes in a variety of flavours – banana, strawberry, and melon. Out of all these, banana milk is the Korean favourite that brings nostalgia to locals.

Lotte Milkis Soft Soda

A popular Korean beverage that is essentially a fizzy yogurt drink. It has a unique milk taste that goes well with the bubbled carbonate. You can choose amongst melon, strawberry, and regular plain flavours to try this out.

Bacchus Energy Drink

This is the #1 selling energy drink in Korea. A perfect energy-boosting option when feeling drained. It is mainly water, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, taurine (Red Bull magic ingredient), and other ingredients.

Lotte Sac Sac Grape Drink

Regular grape pulp juice from Korea.

Paldo Rice Punch

Another Korean traditional drink, Sikhye, that is turned into a modern beverage that can be enjoyed anywhere. It is a cold rice drink that was traditionally a Korean ‘dessert’. It is made from malt water and cooked rice and it contains no preservatives or artificial colouring.


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