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Korean Alphabet is the New Design Inspiration Among Fashion Brands

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Using the Korean writing alphabet, Hangeul, in fashion design is a new thing, but over the years, there is an increase in its presence among global fashion brands!

Chanel and Korean Alphabet

The credit for introducing Korean letters and the alphabet in the fashion industry goes to Chanel. The global fashion brand unveiled a Korean letter design during the Chanel Cruise 2015 show. The show was held at the Dongdaemun Design Place in Seoul. Since then, it has sparked an interest in Korean script among fashion brands.

Chanel and Korean Alphabet
Karl Lagerfeld has hidden Korean words in the details of one tweed of the collection, where one can read Mademoiselle, Cambon, Camellia, among others. (Photo from Chanel website)

For the Chanel show, Karl Lagerfeld, creative director Chanel, inscribed various words in Korean script. These words included ‘Korea’, ‘Seoul’, ‘Coco’, ‘Mademoiselle’, and ‘Chanel’.

Mini Rodini and Korean Alphabet

Mini Rodini, a Swedish fashion brand for kids, is quite popular in South Korea. It is the latest global fashion brand to join in the design trend of using the Korean alphabet! The Swedish fashion brand is known for its colorful and unique patterns.

Mini Rodini and Korean Alphabet

Their latest spring summer collection includes clothing with large inscription of Korean alphabet. The collection, ‘Mini Rodini on the Trans-Siberian Railway – Final Stop: Seoul’, shows Korean style paintings of tigers. Along the design, there is ‘Mini Rodini’ written in Korean alphabet.

You can get the Mini Rodini Korean alphabet-inspired collection from the brand website.

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