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Korean startup MATCH making a statement as men’s style care brand

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Korean startup MATCH-The Hair Suit is a unique solution for improving self-esteem amongst men with a receding hairline. This wig company is popular in Korea as Korean men suffer from hair loss. As men who suffer from baldness or hair loss issues are reluctant to talk about wig options, this Korean startup provides a comfortable setting for trying out wigs and solutions.

Just like most things, the Korean craftsmanship of wigs is one of the best in the world. This allows Korean men’s style brand MATCH to reinterpret the complete wig industry. As compared to US, China, and Japan, the Korean market towards wigs is still in the beginning stages and has a lot of room for growth. It is because these other countries are more open about men wearing wigs.

What is MATCH?

Essentially it is a men’s centric style care brand. It is a company that has redefined wigs and they can now be considered as a fashion statement, not just a necessity for balding men. Whenever a person looks at you, the focus is not only on the suit, but the hairstyle is one of the first things noticed. The wig product is labelled as The Hair Suit as it is as much a part of a fashion statement as the suit worn. It is not just something to cover up the baldness or receding hairline, rather it is something to complete your overall style, from top to bottom.


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What makes The Hair Suit special?

It is not just a hair accessory but a fashion item. The wigs are made from shape memory hair, a synthetic wig that shows no wear and tear like a human hair wig. It is also 60% lighter and has better breathability than a human hair. Being a synthetic wig, it is also cheaper than a human hair wig.

The Hair Suit is not glued to the scalp rather clipped on as gluing is not good for the scalp. The wigs come with plastic clips that are lighter than metal clips previously used and had issues in airport security scanning.


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The Hair Suit

With so many options to choose from, you can select the hairstyle that makes you who you really are. You can upgrade your style by choosing the right Hair Suit to simply light up your fashion statement. You can be wearing the most luxurious suit but if the hairstyle is not right, your expensive suit will not shine! Add Hair Suit to your outfit of expensive suits, and you can elevate the level of your overall fashion statement.

Right now, MATCH has three different Hair Suits that are available – New York Minute, Sicilian Breeze, and Yorkshire Fog.

New York Minute

American style suit that suits both formal and casual occasions. It represents a style that is reasonable but firm, just like a New Yorker’s attitude. This is the most popular style as it fits well regardless of the face type. It gives a trendy and urban image.


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Sicilian Breeze

An Italian style Hair Suit that combines the long history and diverse culture of Sicily coast. It is a complete and gorgeous style that is modern and romantic. A representation of free-spirited and unique masculinity that can be easily styled from formal to casual.


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Yorkshire Fog

It is a British style classic suit that represents polite formality. With the subtle taste of British history, it will elevate the self-esteem of a man in a perfect silhouette. A clean and trustworthy style perfect for businessmen. It has a pomade design that reveals the forehead and gives a classic and masculine image.


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With the Hair Suit, MATCH also creates its own amenities for day-to-day care of the wigs, including a Styler, Refresher, Holder, Daily Wear Tape, and Styling Comb.

Hair Suit Styler

It is a resurfacing, strengthening, and styling solution for the Hair Suit. It also gives it heat protection so you can style using hair dryers.

Hair Suit Refresher

Basically provides odor protection for the Hair Suit. It can eliminate any odor and give it a refreshing smell.

Hair Suit refresher

Hair Suit Holder

A simple holder to keep and style the Hair Suit.

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