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Korean startup PnP Biopharm and its cosmeceuticals products

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PnP Biopharm is a Korean startup well known for its Vexpress®, a highly efficient protein expression technology and other long-acting growth factors (GF). It is one of the world’s top R&D institute and a manufacturer of ingredients like GFs and peptides for cosmeceuticals products. With these, it also produces its own cosmeceuticals and OEM products using the same ingredients.

It was established in 2011 and since then it has developed growth factors and peptides with applications in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. PnP Biopharm has also developed Growth Factors active at high temperatures and are stable for a long time. They are some unique growth factor complexes used in intensive haircare and skincare solutions. It is also in the pre-clinical and clinical research stage for active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to be used in pharmaceutical products.

Skincare Products – STACEY’S LAB ActiGen Ampoule and Concentrate

It is a premier total skincare solution formula for radiant and healthier skin appearance. It is an intensive skincare solution that gives you a younger look along with moisturizing your skin. They contain skincare GFs that help in synthesizing collagen which reduces the appearance of fine lines.

ActiGen Ampoule

It contains a Cell Activator Complex (a blend of six core peptides and antioxidants) which dramatically improves the appearance of skin by making it smooth and soft. This is an intensive skincare system that can return your skin to its healthiest.

ActiGen Concentrate

This concentrate keeps your skin well-hydrated and makes it much softer and smoother all day long. It also delivers intense moisture and perfect for everyday use.

Haircare Products – Cellcurin™ Hair Ampoule, Hair Serum, Hair Shampoo

All the products contain the clinically tested and patented peptide formula, Hair Factor Complex (HFC, an ideal blend of eight peptides + antioxidant). All the products promote the appearance of fuller and healthy hair. It also prevents hair loss by stimulating the scalp’s restorative ability to optimize the hair cycle.


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