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Korean startup Plcoskin developing regenerative cosmetics

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Plcoskin is a Korean medical-based biotech startup. It was launched based on the results of a 150-year-old laboratory at John Hopkins School of Medicine and Yonsei University. The company was launched with the philosophy of creating human-connected technology. Plcoskin is dedicated to improving the quality of human life via honest technology and patient research. It targets to help humans via regenerative medicine technology. With its best technologies and products, Plcoskin will always be a leader in the bio-cosmetics industry.


What is Plcoskin?

Plcoskin is a Korean startup that does R&D on regenerative skin, fillers, and breast prostheses for the next generation. They are a new player in the bio-industry creating a new niche of products in bio-cosmetics range.

YOULIEF – a cosmetic brand created by Plcoskin

It is the cosmetics brand launched by Plocskin in collaboration with Vitalab, Italy’s best ingredient research facility. There are 7 skincare products in the range and it is sold via different online and offline channels. The products in YOULIEF range are specially made so they can scientifically help people’s skin via best research. It has become a pioneer in the anti-aging industry. All the products in the range have long-lasting effects and after daily use, they can give you smooth skin even 10 years later.

There is no magic in skin enhancement but there is only realistic amelioration. The only ingredients used have lasting efficiency on the skin. There are no allergens or microplastics in the YOULIEF range. All the products are tested ‘free of irritation’ on human use. Products in this range have ingredients that are extracted from flowers like Lotus japonicus and Hibiscus.

Setup Cream

It is a moisture cream with neither a too light nor too dense texture. It is optimized for lasting moisturization and offers your skin the best comfort. It MicroAlga Vita BB promotes moisturizing factor synthesis. It keeps your skin moisturized for up to 24 hours and prevents heat aging.


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Dunaliella salina, the hidden jewel of the lake, contains Microalga vita BB which fortifies moisture in the skin.

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3N Eye Solution

It is a functional cosmetic created for wrinkle enhancement. The 3N Eye Solution is more sensitive and milder eye care. This is an eye care cream optimized for the thin and sensitive eye area. It makes the skin around the eyes strong with the high concentration of nutrients in the ingredients.

Hibipair Cream

This is a concentrated care cream for treating your tired skin on a rough day helped by nutrients. It is a night cream that can revitalize your skin after a rough workday. The Hibipair Cream contains ginger extract and adenosine that fills in the fine skin wrinkles. It also moisturizes helped by hibiscus bark extract.

Perfect Balanced Sun-Skincare

A balanced sun cream that not only protects from UV rays but also moisturizes your skin. It is a cream with SPF 50+ and PA++++  protection factors that offer protection from sebum oxidization also. This cream contains Vita Seneblock which is a unique active constituent extracted from citrus lemon flowers. It deals with visible signs of aging, helps in attaining and maintaining firm and elastic skin.

Nutri-Tan Ampoule

This is a three-way elasticity enhancement ampoule used in skincare routines. It is made from Vita Nova (regeneration energy of bird’s foot trefoil), hyaluronic acid, and ginger root extract. Together, all these ingredients work together to slow down skin aging, keep skin moisturized, and prevents any ROS damage.

Setup Emulsion

A light pump that offers a layer of moisturization for the days when you are too busy to follow a complicated skincare routine. Despite your skin type, age, and gender, this cream will keep your skin moisturized for a whole day.

Setup Toner

A toner that can recharge your skin moisture in the morning when your skin is most dry and cleanse your skin from all the waste and grime in the evening. It also hydrates the skin for revitalizing after removing the dust and pollution from your face.


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Since 2018

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Setup Foam Cleanser is coming soon in the YOULIEF range. This will eliminate the need for washing your face with regular face wash. It will cleanse your skin with no irritation and maintain the balance of moisture and sebum.

The first step to the basics of healthy skin is the ‘right’ cleansing.

Still washing your face like you wash the dishes? Thorough and long cleansing may feel clean but irritates the skin and damages the acid mantle😢. Remove the pollutants, but keep the acid mantle and the healthy balance of moisture and sebum intact with Setup Foam Cleanser

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