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Korean startup Endo Medics using nanotechnology and Ion stone for beautification and skincare

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Korean startup Endo Medics was set up to give women a unique option to achieve flawless skin. It is a cosmedics (cosmetics + medical) company with the aim to create pleasant living environments via healthy beauty products. The company focusses on natural beauty by creating a balance between nature, beauty, and wellness.

It manufactures and provides a range of beauty products and home care products made with Ion stone. Ion stone is produced with natural minerals in Korea by utilizing the patented nanotechnology technique. All the products bear 100% natural negative ion obtained naturally from mother nature herself.

What is Ion stone?

It is a ceramic ball manufactured with 100% natural materials by applying patented nanotechnology. These ceramic balls emit high levels of negative ion and far-infrared. This Ion stone ball has absorbability and sterilizing and decomposing functions. These are utilized in many Endo Medics skincare, healthcare, and household products.

Ion Viviball

It is a 100% natural ingredients, ceramic skincare ball that contains non-porous voids. It is a unique product that offers pore care and anti-aging care in one uncomplicated facial massage. This ViviBall can revitalize your skin to dewiness by using negative ion and far-infrared energy. The negative ions can stimulate blood circulation and suppress the generation of ROS. They also stimulate skin cell regeneration and increase skin immunity. It also has an anti-bacterial effect that helps in preventing acne and various other skin problems. The Ion stone also absorbs all kinds of impurities from faces, such as excessive sebum, blackheads, and other makeup residues.


This is a negative ion pore care massager with an Ion Viviball. It can tighten skin pores, remove sebum, and get rid of the excess facial oil giving you clean skin every day. This product is ideal for people with excessively oily skin. The far-infrared energy of Ion stone can naturally and smoothly open pores and it can help in clearing out sebum and waste inside.

SolStick Mini

A compact and easy-to-use hair remover tool. This hair removal stick was imported from Japan in 2017 by Endo Medics. It’s used to remove fine facial hair (peachy fuzz) so your makeup does not look dull and powdery. And it gives you a gentle hair removal solution so you need not experience any pain or skin irritation after threading. After using this stick, you can get the porcelain skin you have been dreaming about. It is also IPX7 waterproof so you can even use the remover tool during a shower.

De2peau Cean Soap

A multipurpose soap that contains the treasure of the blue ocean. This deep seawater soap provides effective cleansing and it replenishes moisture. It uses 15 times concentrated deep seawater rich in essential minerals and contains ingredients like fructan, hyaluronic acid, evening primrose oil, and aloe vera. The fine and rich foam can clean out clogged pores. It is also effective against atopic dermatitis and acne. You can even use it as a body wash and shampoo substitute.

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