LABEL Foundation – A Top Digital Asset Exchange Startup in Korea

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LABEL Foundation is a digital asset exchange Korean startup where you can learn, invest, and incubate in the NFT entertainment platform.

LABEL Foundation is an NFT Korean start-up that has passed the Digital Asset Exchange Coinone requirements. It is a flourishing ecosystem that builds LBL tokens with music education platforms. 

Overview of LEBEL Foundation

Being on the list of digital asset exchange Coinone in South Korea is a huge achievement for the LABEL Foundation. Moreover, this milestone is a big deal considering how strict the crypto regulations are worldwide. A high level of reporting and process is involved in being on the list. On top of that, local financial representatives ensure the quality of blockchain-based NFT platforms. LABEL Foundation has passed all the tests and meets the criteria to be on the list of Coinone. 

LABEL Foundation is on the crypto exchange list by passing strict guidelines. In addition, it also has a listing spot with the South Korean currency (KRW). This is because its parent company Clesson managed to raise $2 million in equity funding. Moreover, Clesson has put the project with LABEL on web 3.0 content creation. 

Clesson, the parent company of LEBEL Foundation, has two investors. As a result, the company raised $2 million in equity. These investments are from EBest Investment & Securities.

LABEL foundation also has a content platform called OPENTRACK. It has become popular as it is gaining traction with the release of its 2nd version. Other than that, LEBEL also has various other partnerships.   

What is LABEL?

Learn and progress in the NFT entertainment platform with this blockchain-based NFT called LEBEL. This platform has an incubation system that is built around investing and distributing. Moreover, the system also supports promotions of content creators by eliminating high barriers. After that, it also breaks down the issues with investments and resolves the unfair profit distributions. 

Clesson-owned Lebel has OPENTRACK, which is a music education company based in South Korea. This education company has over 200 professional instructors and 25 artists from around the world. Among these global artists, there are professionals who have performed in the Grammy awards. Moreover, some of them have won Grammys for musical shows.

The label uses $LBL as its primary token of choice. It is the basic economy that is built around the LABEL platform. It serves as a staking and payment unit. The $LBL token is made up of Ethereum and can be used in many ways to thrive in the LABEL ecosystem.

Features of LABEL


It has the main governance voting system called DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). People who have $LBL tokens as stakes can vote for various changes to the ecosystem.


LBL token holders can win exciting staking rewards from DAO. They can also win from DAO by participating in major voting processes. Moreover, special offers, promotions and bonuses are also available for LBL Token Holders.


OPENTRACK accepts LBL tokens as a form of payment. You can pay LBL tokens once a month to the owner of the NFT content. 


LEBEL foundation has simple investment options using LBL tokens. On top of that, it also has a reliable platform for stakeholders. This Ethereum-built blockchain network from South Korea is promising, and it is exciting to see what it brings in the future. 

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